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Qualcomm Launches Toq, Its Very Own Smartwatch
If you’ve been following tech news since last week, you’ll be aware of the fact that Samsung was going to unveil its new smartwatch today. It did unveil the new product, Samsung Galaxy Gear has officially been announced. Though its not the only new smartwatch we get to see today. Qualcomm, known widely for its processors, has unveiled Toq, its very own smartwatch that comes with a color screen.

Qualcomm 2,560 x 1,440 Mirasol Display
Mention Qualcomm and what would most of you think of right away? Chances are it would be chipsets, especially those that keep a fair number of smartphones around the world up and running. Having said that, here we are with something that is far different from processors, and will deal with displays instead. Surely the name Mirasol has flitted across your screen before, being Qualcomm’s reflective display technology that once […]

Kobee Jin Yong Reader gets a Mirasol display
At the Taipei International Book Fair, Qualcomm has announced that Kobee has selected the Mirasol display technology for their Jin Yong Reader (the reader has been named after Jin Young, a popular author in China ). The tablet features a 5.7″ 1024×768 Mirasol display, a 1GHz SnapDragon S2 processor and a customized Android 2.3. This device looks just like the Bambook Sunflower that we talked about at CES.If you are […]

Bambook Sunflower: the first mirasol display e-reader
[CES 2012] Qualcomm’s mirasol display has been announced quite a while ago but we have yet to see it in products this side of the world, however that may all change soon. Today Qualcomm MEMS Technologies and The Shanghai Nutshell have announced the first mirasol display e-reader: the Bambook Sunflower. In case you’re wondering about what’s so special about Qualcomm’s mirasol display – it was touted to be the next […]


Kyobo e-reader hits South Korea
There is nothing quite like curling up to a good book on a rainy day with a hot mug of coffee in one hand, while there is also a plate of cookies that delivers quick and easy access to boot whenever your stomach experiences hunger pangs. Well, these days, it makes sense for e-book readers to hit the market – and South Korea’s latest e-book reader would be the Kyobo […]

Mirasol displays might extend Android phone battery life to days
I have gone through a few Android-powered smartphones from the HTC Desire to the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Live Walkman, Sony Ericsson Arc S, and now, the HTC Sensation, and have found one common denominator (no, if you answered the operating system being the same, that’s not the answer I am looking for) – their battery life hardly lasts beyond 24 hours. Of course, I leave my 3G connection […]

Qualcomm Confirms Original Mirasol eBook Has Been Cancelled
Update: the original title and post may have made it sound like Mirasol (the technology) was dead. This is indeed *not the case*. We apologize for any confusion. What was cancelled was an eBook project that uses Mirasol. Yesterday, Paul Jacobs told a panel of journalists, including our own Hubert Nguyen, that Mirasol will continue to evolve.According to Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, the first Mirasol-based eBook product to be released […]

PocketBook Accidentally Confirms That It Will Use A Mirasol Display
Seems that someone jumped the gun with the press release as PocketBook USA just confirmed that it will be offering the first Mirasol e-reader at CES 2011. Details are scarce at the moment but apparently the prototype is capable of handling 12 frames per second (FPS), so that probably rules out video (which normally runs at 30FPS). The Mirasol display used is estimated to cost about one and a half […]

Qualcomm invests up to $2 billion in Mirasol color eReader displays
Qualcomm has reportedly coughed up to $2 billion of their cash to invest in a new low power eReader display that will boast a faster refresh rate compared to E Ink, not to mention the ability to display color as well. Known as the Mirasol display, it could very well see action in the next generation of eReaders, although the colors of its initial attempt were not too vivid, but […]

Mirasol ultralow-power display hands-on
[MWC 2010] I’m holding in my hand the latest, best and largest version of Mirasol – an ultra-low power display that could power the next-generation of Color Kindle and many more ebook readers. Not only does the display consume only a fraction of what an LCD would, but it is also very readable in direct sunlight. In average lighting conditions, it is not as bright as an LCD, but the […]