Mirasol ultralow-power display hands-on

[MWC 2010] I’m holding in my hand the latest, best and largest version of Mirasol – an ultra-low power display that could power the next-generation of Color Kindle and many more ebook readers. Not only does the display consume only a fraction of what an LCD would, but it is also very readable in direct sunlight. In average lighting conditions, it is not as bright as an LCD, but the low-energy might be well worth it, even for laptops or smartbooks – depending on what you do. The photos are pretty descriptive, and the only thing that you don’t see is the refresh rate of the animations or the videos (I’ll post a video later). I’m eyeballing the framerate to be around 10fps. That’s enough for illustrative purposes, but certainly not for entertainment purposes. Qualcomm expects real products to hit the stores towards the end of the year. Again, this *might* power the next Kindle (the small one).

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