Canon EOS 7D Lineup Might Have Been Discontinued

The Canon EOS 7D MK II was launched back in 2014 and while we have heard rumors that the company could be launching a successor in 2018, we haven’t really seen anything yet. Unfortunately, for those who were hoping to get their hands on the MK III, you might be disappointed to learn that the camera may never come.

Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium-Format Mirrorless Camera Price Confirmed

It was first reported last year that Fujifilm was working on a medium-format mirrorless camera called the GFX 50S. The company didn’t reveal too many details about this camera initially and it has made us wait for a very long time to confirm how much it’s going to cost. The company has now confirmed how much this medium-format mirrorless camera costs and when it will be available for purchase.

Fujifilm X-E2s Rangefinder-Style Mirrorless Camera Launched

When you think of rangefinder-style cameras, you might think of cameras such as Leica. However if you can’t afford a Leica but want a rangefinder setup, then you might be interested to learn that Fujifilm has recently announced the Fujifilm X-E2s, the successor to the X-E2, which coincidentally enough will also be receiving a firmware update that improves its software.

Samsung NX2000 Mirrorless Camera Sighted In FCC Filing

For the past couple of days an alleged picture of the Samsung NX2000 camera has been floating around. It is said to be a mirrorless camera that runs on Tizen OS.   Samsung recently released the NX1100 which too is a mirrorless camera and has a 3-inch LCD, 1080p HD video recording, Smart Auto 2.0 and a lot more. The NX2000 is reportedly an iteration belonging to this particular line of […]


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review

 A small and lightweight camera with a grown-up feature set, delivering professional results – that’s the holy grail of digital photography. With the OM-D E-M5, Olympus aims to get close: the camera, touted as “groundbreaking” and “revolutionary,” offers many features of a full-fledged SLR in the small package of a Micro Four Thirds camera. Weighing just 425 grams (0.94 lb), the E-M5 accepts a large number of different lenses, takes […]

Olympus reveals plans for a new mirrorless camera, E-5 DSLR successor in the works

Are you a fan of Olympus cameras? If you are and you can ignore the financial scandal that Olympus is currently embroiled in, you might be interested to hear that the company has expressed plans to develop a new mirrorless camera with an “epoch-making” viewfinder, and has already started work on a successor to their E-5 DSLR.According to the interview, Olympus’s Director of Marketing, Haruo Ogawa revealed that developing the […]

Canon could be working on a mirrorless camera for 2012

With mirrorless compact system cameras being the trend these days, one has to wonder when will it be Canon’s turn to release a mirrorless system of their own. After all, Olympus has done it and so has Nikon, therefore it wouldn’t really be a stretch of the imagination to see Canon releasing such a camera model in the future.

Nikon 1 F-mount adapter announced for Japan

One of the perks of these new mirrorless cameras is that they tend to feature almost DSLR-like quality images but come packed in a smaller frame, thus making it easier to bring about with you. The other upside is that just like DSLRs, these mirrorless cameras will also allow users to swap lenses according to their needs, and the good news for Nikon 1 (J1 or V1) owners is that […]

Fuji to launch mirrorless camera system next year

Not too long ago Nikon announced their Nikon 1 compact cameras with interchangeable lens. These new breed of cameras are starting to pop up all over the place, ranging from brands such as Olympus, Sony and now it looks like Fuji wants to get on board that train too. The company has just announced that they will be launching their own series of interchangeable mirrorless camera systems in Japan for […]

Pentax NC mirrorless system spotted

Word on the street have it that Pentax will be rolling out their Pentax NC mirrorless system later this May or June, and as with any self-respecting tech site, we would want to scour the Internet to bring you any possible leaked images – so here they are, a first glance of the upcoming camera and lenses. It does seem to be a digital version of the extremely popular albeit […]

Rumor: Panasonic GF2 To Be Unveiled This Week

Photographers out there will probably delighted at the rumors that Panasonic’s powerful compact mirrorless GF2 camera might be launched this week. South Korea’s Radio Research Agency has already listed the GF2 for Monday while other sources claim that the device will be unveiled in a matter of days, which is more or less the same time frame that we’re talking about. While we haven’t seen the device yet, rumors pin […]

Samsung NX100 Mirrorless Camera Goes Official

Hints of the Samsung NX100 mirrorless camera have been going around for some time now, and the Korean company has finally made this camera official. One of the more unique features of the NX100 will be the i-Function, which is a useful way to control the camera settings directly from the camera lens, allowing the user to adjust common settings like shutter speed, aperture, exposure, white balance, and ISO sensitivity […]

The Upcoming Samsung NX100 Mirrorless Camera Pictured?

Details on the upcoming Samsung NX100 camera are still quite sketchy, but a picture promoting various Samsung cameras and lenses has surfaced, and there is an unidentified white camera on the picture, leading many to speculate that it’s the upcoming Samsung NX100 mirrorless camera. Previous rumors had already hinted that the NX100 will be available in white, so it’s no surprise to see folks begin to speculate and believe that […]