Are you a fan of Olympus cameras? If you are and you can ignore the financial scandal that Olympus is currently embroiled in, you might be interested to hear that the company has expressed plans to develop a new mirrorless camera with an “epoch-making” viewfinder, and has already started work on a successor to their E-5 DSLR.

According to the interview, Olympus’s Director of Marketing, Haruo Ogawa revealed that developing the viewfinder was a priority and is based on their customer feedback, which we guess is a nice move by Olympus by listening to what their customers are saying. It seems that the general consensus was how as feature packed as EVFs (electronic viewfinders) were, they apparently lack the joy and feel of OVFs (optical viewfinders), although we guess this really boils down to a matter of preference and also need. When pressed for further details, all Mr Ogawa had to say was “when you look through the viewfinder, you’ll understand…”

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