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Mitsubishi Using Artificial Intelligence To Make Drivers Safer
Road accidents still cause a tremendous amount of tragedy all across the globe, often one or more drivers might be at fall while other times it may be events beyond the driver’s control. The fact is that until self-driving cars are not perfected with cars communicating to each other and making sure that there are no accidents there’s still much work to be done to ensure that drivers are safer on […]

Mitsubishi builds world's fastest elevators
Mitsubishi Electric has been commissioned by Shanghai Tower Construction & Development to construct what is deemed to be the world’s fastest elevators, capable of moving its occupants at 18 meters (or 59 feet) per second. These elevators will be installed in the Shanghai Tower (as seen above) that is under construction at present in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China.Having said that, who now holds the world record for elevator […]

Mitsubishi MR2 TVs do more than just look good
Mitsubishi Electric has rolled out their spanking new MR2 Series TV that is absolutely state of the art – we are talking about stereoscopic 3D support to keep up with the times, in addition to the ability to record all of your favorite movies over a Blu-ray disc thanks to its Blu-ray recorder, in addition to 1TB of storage space just in case you want to stash your media locally […]

Mitsubishi's New Car Navigation System Lets You Record Or Watch Shows While Driving
GPS navigation systems for cars start starting to become more and more popular, whether you decide to go with the actual hardware or go with an app such as TomTom, the fact of the matter is that GPS is starting to become more accessible. So much so that Mitsubishi Electric has decided to add a few new features in their new car navigation system, the NR-MZ50.


Blu-ray recorders from Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric does not fall under the spotlight all too often, but today we have word of the company rolling out a trio of Blu-ray recorders that will come in the form of the DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350 and DVR-BZ250 models. All three of them will unsurprisingly share the same specifications – we are looking at 3D Blu-ray support, BDXL compatibility, AVCREC, a couple of digital TV tuner so that you can […]

Mitsubishi 5" WVGA color TFT LCD module announced
Mitsubishi has just announced that they will be rolling out their 5″ WVGA color TFT LCD module, where said module will target industrial-use and works great for outdoor applications including portable terminals. Sporting industry-leading high brightness, a super wide viewing angle (170 degrees) and slim, lightweight dimensions, expect to see this TFT LCD module to go on sale from April 28th onwards.For those of you who are more interested in […]

Mitsubishi Improves Efficiency of PV Power Conditioner Using SiC MOSFET
Mitsubishi Electric Corp has prototyped a power conditioner for photovoltaic (PV) batteries using a silicon carbide (SiC)-based MOSFET and a Schottky barrier diode. The company claims that it has managed to achieve a power conversion efficiency of 98%, which is the highest in Japan and it’s planning to commercialize it within three years. The highest conversion efficiency that Mitsubishi Electric has so far achieved with a commercialized power conditioner for […]