Mitsubishi Electric does not fall under the spotlight all too often, but today we have word of the company rolling out a trio of Blu-ray recorders that will come in the form of the DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350 and DVR-BZ250 models. All three of them will unsurprisingly share the same specifications – we are looking at 3D Blu-ray support, BDXL compatibility, AVCREC, a couple of digital TV tuner so that you can record one channel and watch another simultaneously, VoD (Video on Demand) support and a unique dual faced remote control, where one of the faces will let you control your TV while the other is used primarily for your recorder.

Just to make sure that there will not be any problems that arise concerning just which face of the remote must be activated, Mitsubishi Electric decided to throw in a motion sensor which will make sure that one of the sides have a higher priority over the other.

Of course, you cannot really release three different models that share everything similar inside, can you? While they are more or less “triplets” in a sense, the main noticeable difference among all three would be the storage space within – the DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350 and DVR-BZ250 will come with 2TB, 1TB and 500GB of storage space, respectively. No word on pricing as at press time, but do look out for them in Japan first.

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