Mitsubishi Electric has been commissioned by Shanghai Tower Construction & Development to construct what is deemed to be the world’s fastest elevators, capable of moving its occupants at 18 meters (or 59 feet) per second. These elevators will be installed in the Shanghai Tower (as seen above) that is under construction at present in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China.


Having said that, who now holds the world record for elevator speed? That honor (albeit soon to be removed) belongs to an elevator that moves at approximately 16.8 meters each second, at least that is what the Guinness World Records certify. Mitsubishi’s attempt will come in three sets that travel straight between the second basement level and the observation deck on the 119th floor.

All 106 elevators for the Shanghai Tower will be supplied by Mitsubishi Electric in the iconic 632-meter tall skyscraper complex that is tipped to be completed by the time 2014 rolls around. Hopefully speed isn’t the only agenda, but safety as well. [Press Release]

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