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You Will Soon Be Able To Settle Restaurant Bills At Your Table
There are many businesses that allow customers to pay using their mobile devices these days. Mobile-based payments services have grown substantially in the past couple of years, and just last year Apple came out with one of its own, so businesses have adopted the new systems so that their customers don’t go elsewhere. This is not the case with most restaurants, and other similar establishments though, but change is definitely around […]

Social Mobile Payments: Americas, November 6 - 8 - Miami, FL
Social Mobile Payments: Americas, November 6 – 8 in Miami, Florida is the place to explore and discover the tremendous potential that lies in the convergence of social media, mobile connectivity and payments readers, register now with promotion code “DELEGATE” and take $100.00 off the standard registration rate, for the event focused on exploring the forces that are changing the way today’s consumers interact, live and shop.New this year, […]

iPhone gains NFC capabilities in Taiwan
One of the “drawbacks” to the iPhone is its lack of NFC capabilities, although given the somewhat sluggish adoption of NFC and mobile payment services, we guess it’s not really a feature that most iPhone users will lament about. The good news (?) is that if you happen to be living in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has launched a device that would give your iPhone NFC capabilities.

Google confirms no Google Wallet for Galaxy Nexus
It seems that there have been earlier rumors that suggested that Verizon will not be including the Google Wallet feature on the upcoming Galaxy Nexus. At that time it was merely a rumor, albeit one that made a lot of sense, but for those hoping against everything that maybe, just maybe that the rumors could be wrong, here’s some bad news for you. Google themselves have confirmed that the Galaxy […]


Apple to update iOS to support NFC in 2012?
We know that an iPhone with NFC is an old rumor, but it seems that it has managed to be revived again with a new report by Digitimes. The report is claiming that according to smartphone manufacturers, Apple has plans to add support to iOS come 2012 and possibly in conjunction with the next iPhone.

SIM based NFC gains support from major carriers around the world
Countries like Japan have long been using NFC to help them in their daily lives, and not too long ago carriers in South Korea have announced that they will be offering SIM cards with NFC technology embedded into them. Now it looks like that standard will soon be adopted by some of the largest carriers in the world.

Samsung introduces the Secu-NFC chip with advanced encryption
For those who might be worried about the security and safety of conducting NFC transactions, Samsung may be able to alleviate those fears with the introduction of a new NFC chip that is said to have raised the security level for users who conduct payment transactions through their smartphones. now available on Android
When it comes to making purchases on our smartphones, sometimes keying in the credit card details can be quite cumbersome due to the nature of on-screen keyboards, which can cause you to backspace multiple times. Apart from mobile payment solutions such as Google Wallet, there are alternatives such as

VeriFone PAYware brings mobile payment to the tablet
Soon, big bulky cash registers might be a thing of the past. VeriFone has just revealed a new tablet-based checkout device called the VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets – a software and hardware combination that will turn tablets such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Xoom into a cash register.

Square payment system sees iPads as cash registers
Square, the mobile payment company that was co-founded by the creator of Twitter, recently paraded their technology that could very well see cash registers being rendered as obsolete in the future – helping save the environment as well since there are no paper receipts left for you to deal with. Some might greet this news with cheers, while others who prefer old school record keeping methods might want to reconsider […]

MasterCard says NFC will be embraced by the younger generation in the US
According to the recently released results of a survey from MasterCard; it looks like the public, especially the younger generation, are willing to embrace NFC if it ever becomes the standard method of payment in the future. Though it wasn’t mentioned how many people were included in the survey, it is supposedly an accurate representation of the total US population ages 18 and over. From their findings, 63% of the […]

Google Acquires Mobile Payment Company Zetawire
With the upcoming Nexus S offering NFC and the issue about its NFC chip clarified, it’s no surprise to learn that Google is looking for ways to capitalize on NFC technology. Reports are in that the search giant has recently acquired a mobile payment startup called Zetawire. The company apparently only has less than five employees but it does have a patent application filed for “a payment system, an advertising system, […]

AT&T Allows Customers to Purchase Digital Goods with Phone Number
U.S. carrier AT&T is exploring more ways to allow mobile and smartphones to be used in transactions, with its latest move to soon allow customers to purchase digital music and movies with a telephone number. The carrier has formed a partnership with Zong, Boku, and Billtomobile to allow its customers to pay for digital goods with a mobile number rather than having to enter credit card or PayPal billing information, […]