VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets

Soon, big bulky cash registers might be a thing of the past. VeriFone has just revealed a new tablet-based checkout device called the VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets – a software and hardware combination that will turn tablets such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Xoom into a cash register.

With many small businesses already relying on the iPod Touch as a payment terminal, the transition to a tablet with a bigger display shouldn’t be much of a problem. Not to mention, the bigger screen should be a welcome change, with the ability to do more on the same screen instead of having to go through multiple menus.

VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets will also enable tablets to communicate via NFC technology with Google Wallet, and other NFC mobile phone wallet apps to make payments, pushing the NFC standard in the country and also giving everybody the convenience of new methods to pay for their goods/services with.

No word of when we’ll start seeing these tablets in use, but it sure looks like the vision of a future dominated by tablets and smartphones is slowly coming into fruition.

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