We know that an iPhone with NFC is an old rumor, but it seems that it has managed to be revived again with a new report by Digitimes. The report is claiming that according to smartphone manufacturers, Apple has plans to add support to iOS come 2012 and possibly in conjunction with the next iPhone.

NFC for phones has yet to take off in a big way save for countries like Japan where NFC is being used on a daily basis. Google is attempting to form their own mobile payment services with Google Wallet, but unfortunately it seems that it is limited to Sprint customers who own the Samsung Galaxy S phone which is little strange if they’re trying to encourage adoption.

Apple themselves are no strangers to NFC technology, having been granted patents that reveal various uses for NFC technology. However rumors surrounding Apple’s plans for their new products have always been more miss than hit, so we suggest that you might want to take this with a grain of salt for now.

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