For those who might be worried about the security and safety of conducting NFC transactions, Samsung may be able to alleviate those fears with the introduction of a new NFC chip that is said to have raised the security level for users who conduct payment transactions through their smartphones.


This new NFC chip is called Secu-NFC (also known as SENHRN 1) and it is the same type of technology that one can find in smart cards and advanced encryption. One of the differences between the Secu-NFC and a typical NFC chip is its integration within the smartphone itself. This means that it will consume less space than an separate NFC chip, which could lead to slimmer smartphone designs in the future.

The chip will also come with 760KB of storage, which should be enough to store various information, such as virtual cash balances, credit card information and etc. Interestingly this NFC chip will not require the user’s phone to be on, so if you were to run out of juice in the middle of the day and you need to conduct a transaction, you will still be able to even when your phone is off.

According to the rumors, Samsung’s new Secu-NFC chips will not be limited to just Samsung products, and word has it that Samsung has plans to offer other manufacturers the use of their Secu-NFC chip, although at the moment no partners have been named.

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