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Costa's Reusable Cup Can Pay For Your Coffee Too
Costa, one of the largest coffee chains in the United Kingdom, has launched a reusable coffee cup that’s capable of paying for your morning fix as well. It’s called the “Clever Cup” since it does more than just hold your beverage. Contactless payments are built into the cup so it can be used to pay for coffee at a Costa location on the go.

iOS 11 Apple Pay Cash Feature Not Available, Yet
Apple is going to roll out iOS 11 tomorrow for compatible devices. However, not all features will be making it to consumer devices right away. Apple has revealed that the Apple Pay Cash feature is not going to be available when iOS 11 rolls out tomorrow. It’s going to arrive later in the fall with an additional firmware update that will be released at an undefined date.

China's UnionPay Launches Mobile Payment Service In North America
One of China’s biggest financial networks has launched its mobile payments service in North America today. UnionPay’s QuickPass mobile payments service has gone live in North America today. It’s backed by the third largest payment network in the world that’s only behind market leaders Visa and MasterCard. UnionPay cards are now increasingly accepted in countries other than China.

Taxis In London Will Accept Contactless Payments Next Year
If you have ever been inside one of London’s iconic black cabs you might find yourself wondering why most of them don’t accept credit cards or contactless payment services, that’s because the required framework has not yet been put into place, but there has now been a development which makes it quite likely that taxis in London will start accepting contactless payments from next year.


Square To Replace iPad With Its Own Android Tablet
Square is a popular mobile payments service that lets businesses use devices like the iPad to process credit and debit card payments easily and securely. iPad-powered Square Registers are now common at places like coffee shops across the United States and if a new report is to be believed then Square apparently wants to take the iPad out of this equation. Square is reportedly working on its own Android tablet […]

Square Update Allows Money Transfer Through Text Messages
Payments company Square today released a new version of its Cash app just in time for the Labor Day weekend and back to school season. The app has a basic purpose, send or request money. The aim is to make it easier for users to make payments faster and on the go. With this particular update the Square app gets the ability to send a request for money or send money […]

Wendy's Starts Accepting Mobile Payments In The U.S.
Following similar plans announced by Burger King last week, Wendy’s has announced that it is now accepting mobile payments in restaurants across the U.S. Wendy’s has been testing mobile payment over the past year. The My Wendy’s app, available for both iOS and Android, now lets customers pay for their purchase at most of the 5,800 locations in the country.The move towards mobile payments shows that fast food chains are increasingly […]

Amazon Patent Details Anonymous Mobile Payment System
Amazon’s latest patent filing reveals a rather unique anonymous mobile payment solution. The system detailed in the patent would allow transactions without having to submit personal details such as email addresses or names. It would use temporary identifiers, much like Western Union does. Two people who use this system for transactions would have to be registered with the same intermediary payments provider, the system will generate a special code which can then […]

Dunkin Donuts payment app available
Dunkin Donut has launched its first payment app on Android and iOS. With it, customers can basically pay for their purchases using pre-charged money from either a credit card or a Dunkin Donuts card. At the moment, there is no “cart” or other possibility to prepare an order from the app.The Dunkin donut app works very much like the Starbucks app (if you’ve seen it). In the end, the customer […]

Brand Table uses NFC to place orders in a food court
NFC is a great technology and allows us to perform a multitude of tasks, mobile payments for example (i.e. Google Wallet). Now what about taking that concept, and applying it to our daily life where NFC can be used in our food courts to order our food? Well this concept was created by a student at the University of Sydney, Stephen Davis, and his idea is a table where NFC […]

Apple patent will let us pay parking meters with our iPhone
NFC seems to be the buzzword as of late, what with Google launching their mobile payment service Google Wallet which uses the NFC chip in the Samsung Nexus S in order to conduct their transactions. While Apple has been rumored to bring NFC support in their upcoming iPhone, a recently published patent suggests that Apple will be looking at other wireless technologies (apart from NFC) to create a electronic wallet […]

PayPal unveils new mobile payments in place of NFC
While NFC is a great idea for mobile payments, the sad fact is that unlike Japan, where NFC is widely adopted, not many phones in the US come with NFC technology enabled. Even the latest Blackberry devices that supposedly come shipped with NFC have that feature disabled when it comes onto the carriers. If mobile payments are your thing and you don’t want to sacrifice your current phone for an […]

Restaurant in New York completely replaces menus with iPad 2
Don’t you just hate it when you go to a restaurant, place your order with the waiter, and after emphatically conveying to the waiter three times that you do not want parsley in your salad, it comes covered with the stuff?

Paypal Send Money App for iPhone - Version 2.0
[SXSW] Yesterday at SXSW, Paypal launched its new version of the Send Money application for the iPhone. Paypal allows users to send money securely to others around the world (190 countries, 24 currencies), without the hassle of bank wire transfers procedures.Paypal launched its first mobile version for the mobile web in 2006, Paypal for iPhone was launched with the Apple app store in July 2008 and today the new feature […]