NFC is a great technology and allows us to perform a multitude of tasks, mobile payments for example (i.e. Google Wallet). Now what about taking that concept, and applying it to our daily life where NFC can be used in our food courts to order our food? Well this concept was created by a student at the University of Sydney, Stephen Davis, and his idea is a table where NFC stickers are embedded onto the tables which can be used to order food.

The project has been dubbed Brand Table, and through the use of the Brand Stickers placed on the table, users with NFC enabled phones will be able to tap the stickers with their devices, and with a Java and Android SDK, pull up a menu from the restaurant with whom the sticker is associated with, place an order and make payments all at once.

The project was initially designed for food courts in shopping malls, where queues may be long and finding and holding a table, especially when you go by yourself, could be an issue. In this situation, all you’d have to do is find a seat, select the restaurant you want from the Brand Stickers on the table and you’re good to go, all without having to get up from your chair! Check out the video below for a brief demonstration on the Brand Table.

BrandTable Concept from S_Digital on Vimeo.

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