Apple is going to roll out iOS 11 tomorrow for compatible devices. However, not all features will be making it to consumer devices right away. Apple has revealed that the Apple Pay Cash feature is not going to be available when iOS 11 rolls out tomorrow. It’s going to arrive later in the fall with an additional firmware update that will be released at an undefined date.

Apple Pay Cash allows for person to person money transfers. It will enable users to send and receive money from friends and family quickly with ease and security.

Apple Pay Cash payments are made through a dedicated iMessages app in iOS 11. It’s also linked with Siri so users can tell Siri to pay someone using the credit and debit cards that they have configured in the Wallet.

When users get paid, they will receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash card in Apple Wallet. They will be able to utilize the money instantly after it lands in their accounts.

The cash card can then be used to make purchases via Apple Pay in apps, stores, and the web. The funds can also be transferred to the user’s bank account.

Apple confirmed today that the Apple Pay Cash feature will be coming this fall with an update to iOS 11 and watch OS 4. Although many people may have expected all the features to be available right away, Apple had given itself some room by saying that all features would be available “this fall”, which if common since there are so many moving parts with different priorities.

In fact, Apple has released featured after the initial iOS launch in the past. The initial release of Apple Pay came nearly one month after iOS 8 was released.

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