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Monster Brings Voice Assistant Services To Its Headphones
Voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant (previously known as Google Now) have been around for a while, but it’s safe to say that Amazon’s decision to launch Alexa and open it up to third-party developers and manufacturers has really helped it become more mainstream.

Apple No Longer Allows Monster To Churn Out Licensed Accessories
It looks like the love affair between Monster LLC and Apple has hit some rough patches – especially after Monster stepped forward to say that Apple Inc. has already revoked its authority to churn out licensed accessories that are meant for Apple devices. While many can speculate as to the different reasons that this has happened, most folks would lean on the most likely theory – that this is “payback” […]

Monster Files Lawsuit Against Beats, Alleges Fraud
Last year Apple acquired Beats, the company known for their audio products and more recently their music streaming service in the form of Beats Music. However prior to the acquisition, Beats and Monster were working together and it was only in 2012 that both companies decided to go their separate ways.Well it looks like Monster isn’t too pleased by the way things had turned out and the company has recently […]

Monster Unveils Inspiration Lite On-Ear Headphones
Monster is an audio company known for their cables and their headphones. If you’re in the market for the latter, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently announced a new pairs of headphones in the form of the Inspiration Lite which according to Monster, is a slimmed down version of the Inspiration headphones.The new Inspiration Lite headphones are of the on-ear variety meaning that they will […]


Monster And Lamborghini Team Up To Deliver Audio System In Veneno Roadster
[CES 2014] Monster, a company that is well known for their audio products which more often than not tend to linger around on the high end side of things, has just announced that they have worked on a new sound system in a supercar, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. This will be an exclusive version featuring Monster’s high end audio system, and those who have made their way to CES 2014 […]

Monster's DNA Pro Headphones Go Wireless
[CES 2014] Headphones are great for taking with you on runs, waiting while taking public transport, or while traveling, but if there’s one annoying aspect is that sometimes the cables of these headphones tend to get caught on things which can be incredibly frustrating. Now for those looking for a wireless pair of headphones, headphone and cable company, Monster, has recently announced their new pair of DNA Pro wireless headphones […]

Monster DiamondZ Headphones Get Limited Edition Finishes
[CES 2014] Back in 2012, Monster unveiled a rather interesting pair of headphones shaped like a diamond. It was admittedly pretty gaudy but it was meant to be more of a fashion statement if anything else, and it looks like Monster is back in 2014 with their new DiamondZ headphones with limited edition colors that include Rose Gold, Chrome, Black Chrome, and Clear Blue. Now for those who think that […]

Monster 24K Headphones Announced For $319.95
[CES 2014] Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, although the past couple of years we have started to see headphones take on a more fashion-conscious feel, partially thanks to the collaboration between Monster and Beats that resulted in headphones many would regard as a fashion accessory. The partnership between Monster and Beats has since come to an end but it seems that the outlandish designs have remained as Monster […]

Monster M7 Tablet Arriving At Walmart
Folks, if you have been on the lookout for a highly affordable tablet that gets the basics catered for, then you might want to check out what has in store for you. It is said that Walmart will carry the $149 Monster M7 7” 720p Android-powered tablet soon, with the larger sized 10” Monster M10 tablet following after. Hmmm, who would have thought that a company like Monster would […]

Monster Offers Support To High School Nation
Monster is a name that you would definitely think of when it comes to high performance personal audio products, and they recently announced that they will be offering their support to High School Nation, which happens to be a popular performing arts program which has seen the fruits of its labor appear in more than 5,000 public high schools and middle schools over the last decade, providing fun, laughter and […]

Monster Teams Up With Hublot To Offer $2,275 Luxury 'Inspiration' Headphones
Monster has been producing ultra-premium headphones over the past couple of months with its recent headphones being the Monster Genesis and White Tuxedo DNA. But their newest luxury noise-canceling headphones take the ultra-premium grade to a completely new level as they have teamed up with Hublot, who is known to be a curator of fine jewelry watches.The Inspiration Hublot Headphone features a fine-tooled design which accentuates its brushed aluminum finish, a headband […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: Monster White Tuxedo Headphones
Ubergizmo and Monster are joining forces to make one of you the happy owner of a brand new pair of Monster White Tuxedo DNA headphones, a product that was introduced this weekend at the 2013 MTV Movie awards. During the event, an autographed model was auctioned to support “Jewelry for a Cause”, which is a charity that intends to remove illegal guns from the streets.How to enter: Tweet a photo […]

White Tuxedo Monster DNA Headphones Debut At 2013 MTV Movie Awards
The spanking new white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones were revealed to the world at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards last night, where it is the result of a partnership between Monster and Viacom. There was a special backstage listening lounge at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards where an autographed model of the white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones will be put up for auction, and proceeds from said auction will be […]

Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset Ready To Ship
There is nothing quite like a pair of great sounding headphones to accompany your favorite music, and if you want to spice things up a bit, you could very well settle for the Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset that is now available to the masses. Touted by some to be the perfect accessory if you want the ultimate mobile music experience, the Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: Three Monster DNA Headphones and Tickets to see Alicia Keys at CES
We’re at CES 2013, and the show is in full swing. There is no reason why you should be left out of the action, so we’re joining forces with #MonsterCES to give away three Monster DNA Headphones. The DNA headphones are designed to provide a live music experience, “just like being there”, as Monster puts it. DNA is built with ultra-light materials, and has cushions that were chosen to provide […]

Monster iSport Intensity, iSport Strive and Victory launched
At CES 2013, Monster is updating its line of sports earphones with three models that will succeed the Monster iSport Immersion which was introduced last year. This time, they have three models called iSport Victory, iSport Intensity and iSport Strive. All three address a specific market of active users who need earphones that are impervious to water (yes you can swim with those if you want), but there are differences:

Monster Genesis High-End Headphones
Monster produces a ton of cool headphones, but the Genesis is the latest wonder-baby of the company. Monster classifies the Genesis headphones as being an ultra-premium headphone design that will surely give Bose and the like a run for their money. The Monster Genesis is an active noise-cancelling headphone that has a very sturdy design, but it was also lighter than one may think. That’s what I really like about […]

Monster ClarityHD Katana Wireless Speaker
[CES 2013] Wireless compact speakers streaming music from smartphones and delivering big sound are trendy, and we like popular products such as the Jambox on the tiny side and the B&O BeoPlay 8 on the expensive side. So, we were pleased to discover another high quality and elegant device in that category, namely the ClarityHD Katana Wireless Digital Music System designed by Monster. The Katana, as nicknamed by the Monster team, […]

Monster CES Press Conference Live
[CES 2013] We’re in live and rockin’ at the Monster press conference over here at CES 2013. You know that with Monster, things are going to get, wait for it, monstrous, and there are plenty of models around – with some starlets as well in tow to live up to Monster’s reputation. Follow our live blog to see what are the latest updates that Monster has in store for the […]

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster – Demo at GDGT
The Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset was first revealed to the masses at IFA 2012 in Berlin and we had the opportunity to briefly get our hands on the device at GDT on December 6 in San Francisco. The design, which is similar to the previous Purity HD headphones, is quite elegant, and I personally like the bright colors that match the various Windows Phone 8 color schemes.You can […]