dnapro[CES 2014] Headphones are great for taking with you on runs, waiting while taking public transport, or while traveling, but if there’s one annoying aspect is that sometimes the cables of these headphones tend to get caught on things which can be incredibly frustrating. Now for those looking for a wireless pair of headphones, headphone and cable company, Monster, has recently announced their new pair of DNA Pro wireless headphones (the wireless version of Monster’s DNA headphones), which as the name implies is a pair of headphones that does not require a cable connection, but will instead pair with media devices like smartphones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection.

Designed for the more discerning listener in mind, the DNA Pro wireless headphones will feature embedded AAC and APT-X formats for both iOS and Android devices, which should on paper enhance the listening experience, versus traditional MP3 formats in which certain sound qualities might have been compressed or cut out in a bid to reduce file size. The headphones will feature active noise cancelling and will also come with a USB Direct Digital Audio connection for those who might prefer a wired connection, especially if they feel that some audio qualities might be lost if transmitted wirelessly. The headphones will also be able to “power down” when folded away, thanks to a special hinge built into them.

According to Monster, the DNA Pro wireless headphones will be made available in the second quarter of 2014 and will be priced at $449.95.

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