Noel Lee, the “Head Monster”, shows us the Genesis before handing them over for a quick ears-on

Monster produces a ton of cool headphones, but the Genesis is the latest wonder-baby of the company. Monster classifies the Genesis headphones as being an ultra-premium headphone design that will surely give Bose and the like a run for their money. The Monster Genesis is an active noise-cancelling headphone that has a very sturdy design, but it was also lighter than one may think. That’s what I really like about the Genesis: the blend between high-quality audio and industrial design, but not at the price of additional weight on my head. I’ve tried other high-end headphones, and many of them are just too heavy for a daily use – even if they all feel incredibly solid.

I’m trying the Genesis for the first time.

The company says that at the heart of the audio quality, lies custom-made 40mm audio drivers and several sound modes (“pure” and “max”) that can handle most types of music (voice, classic, hip-hop, techno…). The goal is also to cancel noise, but not to the point that it would affect the original audio coming from your sound system.

To be fair, I haven’t tried those in a plane yet, so I’m not sure how they compare to other for that particular purpose, but in an office environment, they did great. Noel Lee, the founder and “Head Monster” of the company told us that he tuned this model himself (if you look-up his bio, you’ll discover that he is also a musician).

We really recommend that you try them for yourself because audio is one of those things that is very hard to describe in text, but when we tried them on, the sound quality was very high — and we should expect nothing less from $550 headphones, which is not cheap – even if the Monster Genesis has a very unique and high-quality industrial design.

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