Make way for the iSec, formerly known as the eBox, still a clone of Kinect and still made by Lenovo. What is an iSec? A “Sec” is short for “Sports Entertainment Center” which strongly suggests the console will be sold with a Wii Sports or Kinect Sports clone equivalent. Just like Kinect, the iSec is a controller-less console that uses camera sensors to track and translate a player’s body movements and gestures.

Shown off at its unveiling in China were a martial arts exercise game, skateboarding game and a monster fighting game. The fun doesn’t stop there. The iSec also has a built in web browser, movie player and a karaoke machine built-in. Kudos on the KTV inclusion. According to a report by PC World, Lenovo will be selling the iSec only in China until it breaks 1 million units.

Knowing that video game consoles, unless partnered with Chinese distributers are illegal in China – so no Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft game systems – the iSec shouldn’t have too hard of a time satiating gamers behind the Great Wall. Pricing wasn’t announced and a release window was only said to be “later this year.”

What’s your take on it? Is the iSec more rubbish from China or will you pick one up for its karaoke features? I think I’ll wait until concrete pricing and a release date is revealed as well as seeing the quality of the tracking and graphics in the games before deciding on an import. I’m largely leaning on “skip” right now.

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