Zepp 3D Motion Sensor Lets You Analyze Your Baseball, Golf Or Tennis Swing

The swing is an important part of many sports, ask any golfer and they’ll tell you its as much about having a perfect swing as it is about making proper contact with the ball without digging too much into the fairway. Baseball or tennis players rely on their swing too, which is why dedicated players keep on training and practising. Zepp Labs has created a nifty little device that will […]

Gift Alarm Uses Motion Detection To Keep Your Presents Safe From Snoopers

The holiday season is right around the corner as its official start will begin once Thanksgiving comes and goes here in the U.S., with people scrambling to find the best deal possible for their friends, family and children. Speaking of children, we’re sure many of them will be trying their best to find hidden gifts around the house, making all of that effort go to waste if they actually find […]

Motion-sensing photo frames from NIX

Do you own any digital photo frames, but feel that they are a waste of electricity when you leave them on for nobody to look at? Well the folks over at NIX have come up with a solution to the problem – motion-sensing photo frames. These specially designed photo frames have sensors that can detect if anybody is nearby before it powers itself on to display the photographs stored on […]

Kinect for Flash, Silverlight and Unity

The Blitz Agency has demonstrated an software interface that allows non C++ applications to get the skeletal data from Kinect, and therefore makes it accessible to a whole new (application) world. Who knows what’s going to come out of this one, but  it’s not hard to imagine a new realm of motion-driven casual games, and new user interfaces for applications that traditionally relied only on the mouse and keyboard. How […]


DIY Motion Sensing Spy Camera

Can’t be sure who is stealing all the cookies from the jar every night? If you have some DIY skills, perhaps you could hack together your own motion-sensing spy camera rig and capture the culprit, which is precisely what someone out there did, hacking together parts from an Air Wick Freshmatic, a cheap keychain camera and an MSP430 microcontroller. Once finished, it looks pretty good and hopefully will solve the […]

EyeSight Allows You To Control Your Phone Via Hand Gestures

While voice activation is a pretty useful feature, many folks have had frustrating experiences when the technology isn’t implemented well. So what alternatives are there? Well, EyeSight’s Natural User Interface might be a possible solution, as it uses the cell phone’s front camera to detect hand motions, allowing developers to write applications to support these gestures. An example would see users playing music, changing tracks, browsing photos or even fiddling […]

Fly Mouse Motion Sensing Mouse With Keyboard

While it’s hard to imagine how you would want to use it on a daily basis, the Fly Mouse from Shenzhen Feishu Technology is still rather interesting. This is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed to be used with home theater PCs. It offers a full QWERTY keyboard complete with direction keys and multimedia buttons. Instead of having to use a trackpad to control the on-screen cursor, you can […]

FIFA Franchise To Utilize The PlayStation Move

Sony’s PlayStation Move looks like it might be supported in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 game. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem like it will be a main feature of the game, apparently the controller doesn’t really provide an authentic feel when it comes to football on your console. Of course, that might be due to the fact that the PlayStation Move is supposed to be held […]

PlayStation Move Hands-On

PlayStation owners, rejoice! Soon you will stop hearing “when are you getting a Wii?” from your friends and family. Sony has just announced the PlayStation Move at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Presented last year at E3 (in fanfare), it is now a real product that will be sold as a bundle (game+ EyeToy webcam + PS Move) for $100. If you add the secondary controller, and make […]

PS3 Motion Sensing Controller To Debut at E3? (Rumor)

Not actual photo of the device This is potentially very hot: Sony is said to be launching a motion sensing controller at E3, a device that would effectively open the floodgates of Wii-like games. When combined with the PS3’s superior graphics power, this is a combination that could inflict some serious damage on the Wii in the long term. Sony Motion Sensing controller is said to be more accurate than […]