The swing is an important part of many sports, ask any golfer and they’ll tell you its as much about having a perfect swing as it is about making proper contact with the ball without digging too much into the fairway. Baseball or tennis players rely on their swing too, which is why dedicated players keep on training and practising. Zepp Labs has created a nifty little device that will help players in their pursuit of a perfect swing. The Zepp 3D motion sensor is a tiny sensor that can be attached using specific mounts to baseball bats, golf clubs and tennis rackets. It captures, measures and analyzes the swing in 3D and records 1,000 data points per second.

The sensor itself and the mounts are designed in a way that users won’t even notice they’re attached to the bat, club or racket. Weighing just 6.3 grams, the sensor offers an eight hour battery life, enough to last a normal practise session. Baseball players can track bat speed, path, timing, impact angles, trends and more. When attached with a golf club, the sensor tracks speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, hip rotation, backswing position and more. Tennis players can track shot type mix, power and spin, apart from other things. Data beamed via Bluetooth to the companion iOS and Android app can be used to compare swings to pros and friends, it can also be shared with others. The app also provides analysis, drills, coaching, and personalized tips. Zepp 3D motion sensor is available through Apple and Verizon and also through Zepp’s website for $149.99.

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