The holiday season is right around the corner as its official start will begin once Thanksgiving comes and goes here in the U.S., with people scrambling to find the best deal possible for their friends, family and children. Speaking of children, we’re sure many of them will be trying their best to find hidden gifts around the house, making all of that effort go to waste if they actually find their presents before they’re supposed to. Thats why Archie McPhee has created something that will help alert you and everyone else in the area if someone is looking for something they’re not supposed to.

Archie McPhee’s Gift Alarm is a motion-detecting alarm that can be used to keep those valuable presents safe from snooping kids and other family members. Once the Gift Alarm senses any sort of motion, it’ll sound a loud siren and flashing lights to alert you if someone has come within a four-foot radius of those well-wrapped gifts.

Now whether or not the Gift Alarm will stop someone from opening gifts early is something entirely different, especially if the person who is attempting to open those presents is twice as big as you are, or just doesn’t care if you knnow they’ve opened their gifts early.

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