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Unlocked Moto Z Handsets Getting Oreo In The U.S.
Even though Google has already released a public beta of Android P, the next major iteration of its mobile platform, there are still many devices that have yet to receive an update to the stable version of Android 8.0 Oreo. Its OEM partners are gradually rolling out the update in more markets across the globe. Those who own unlocked Moto Z handsets in the United States can now rejoice as […]

Moto Z 2018 Smartphone Announced
It wasn’t too long ago that Motorola/Lenovo announced the successor in the Moto Z lineup in the form of the Moto Z2. However it seems that over in China, Lenovo has announced another Moto Z handset dubbed the Moto Z 2018, and if you’re a bit confused by the naming, we don’t blame you.

Motorola Launches Moto 360 Camera Mod For Moto Z Handsets
Motorola continues to support its modular Moto Z smartphone series with new mods that further extend the capabilities of these handsets. The company’s latest mod puts a 360 degree camera on the handset. It’s aptly called the Moto 360 Camera mod and features two fisheye cameras at the very top.

Alleged Moto Z2 Play Render Surfaces
With Motorola promising to support its Moto Mods initiative, this means that we can also expect newer handsets that will support these accessories. So far only the Moto Z family supports the Moto Mods, and the handsets are starting to get a bit long in the tooth, but the good news is that we can expect successors soon.


Keyboard Moto Mod Launches On Indiegogo
Bigger displays are something that smartphone users these days seem to be asking for which makes it ideal to watch videos, surf the web, and play games on. It also makes it easier to type on. However there are some who might prefer physical input such as QWERTY keyboards, although such devices aren’t that common these days.

New Moto Z2 Force Renders Shown Off In Video
The other day a photo of the Moto Z2 made its way online, and for those who are looking for a clearer image of the device, you might be pleased to learn that Android Authority and @OnLeaks have collaborated together in which a rendering and a 360-degree video of the Moto Z2 Force have found their way online.

Alleged Moto Z2 Render Leaked
With the launch of the Moto Z handsets last year, Motorola introduced a new lineup to their handsets. It also saw the introduction of the Moto Mods which was Motorola’s take on modular smartphones. That being said, we expect that Motorola will probably be back again this year with a new Moto Z, and thanks to a leak we might know what it looks like.

Moto Z (2017) Might Have Been Hiding In Plain Sight
The Moto Z (2017) is a smartphone that we have been hearing about for a while now, and many had assumed that the handset would be officially announced at MWC 2017. However that did not happen which has us wondering when it might be announced, although it seems that recent speculation has it that we might have already seen the phone.

Verizon Rolling Out Nougat Update To Moto Z Play Droid Edition
Back in October last year, Motorola confirmed a list of devices that would be eligible to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update. The Moto Z lineup was part of that list that was confirmed, and if you’re wondering where your update is, you’ll be pleased to learn that the update is now being pushed out by Verizon.

Motorola Announces New Moto Mods
At its Mobile World Congress 2017 press event today, Motorola announced new Moto Mods for those who own its modular smartphone, the Moto Z. The company says that Moto Mods are the number one reason why customers buy a Moto Z so that’s why it’s coming out with more choices for those customers who want to enhance the capabilities of their modular smartphone. It has announced several new Moto Mods […]

Moto Edge Mod Will Bring LED Strips To Your Moto Z
LED notification lights aren’t new. In fact many companies have included it in their phones in the past, although for the most part they have been rather subtle in nature. However an Indiegogo campaign for a Moto Mod called the “Edge” wants to change that by giving your Moto Z handset an LED light strip.

Unlocked Moto Z Nougat Update Released In The U.S.
Motorola said last month that it will release the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update for the unlocked Moto Z in the United States by February. At that time the company didn’t confirm precisely when the update will be released in the coming month. It has now followed through on its promise because the unlocked Moto Z Nougat updatee is now out for users in the United States.

Moto Z (2017) Spotted On Geekbench
With Motorola launching the Moto Z back in 2016, we guess it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the company could be considering a successor for 2017. Exactly when we will see the 2017 Moto Z remains to be seen, but in the meantime it seems that the handset might have been recently spotted on Geekbench.

Moto Z Nougat Update Due Next Month, Moto Z Play In March
Verizon has already released Android 7.0 Nougat for the Moto Z Droid which is exclusive to the carrier. Motorola also sells an unlocked version of this handset called the Moto Z and that hasn’t been updated to Nougat yet. Naturally, those who own that device feel like they were handed the short end of the stick given that unlocked devices normally receive updates faster than their carrier-locked counterparts. Motorola has […]

Moto Z & Hasselblad Moto Mod Used To Shoot Sports Illustrated Cover
Smartphones cameras are still at their core cameras. This means that the rules of photography and composition all still apply to it, and if used correctly, it can achieve some pretty stunning photos. It’s just like how you could give an amateur a $10,000 Leica camera and lens but still walk away with a subpar image.

Motorola Unveils Mophie Battery Pack & Incipio Car Dock Moto Mods
It has been a while since we last heard from LG and their “Friends” modular ecosystem, but over at Motorola, the company is still pushing to make modular phones more mainstream by announcing two new Moto Mods: a Mophie battery pack and an Incipio car dock, both of which will be usable by the Moto Z handsets.

Moto Z Could Get Tango AR Functionality Through A Moto Mod
Earlier this year, Lenovo launched the PHAB 2 Pro, the world’s first smartphone to utilize Google’s Project Tango technology. However with it being the only smartphone in the world to feature this tech, it also means that users don’t really have a lot of choice when it comes to other aspects of the phone, such as hardware specs, features, design, and so on.

Android 7.0 Rolling Out To Moto Z, Moto Z Force This Week
If you own either the Moto Z or the Moto Z Force, you’ll be pleased to learn that Motorola has announced on its blog that starting this week, the Android 7.0 Nougat update will be making its way onto both handsets. From what we can tell it seems to be a global rollout so regardless of where you are, you should be able to expect the update soon.

Best Buy Giving Away Projector Moto Mod With Moto Z, Z Force Purchase
With Google more or less shelving Project Ara, we really have to wonder what this means as far as modular phones are concerned. After all if one of the biggest tech companies in the world with all their resources and experts can’t get modular phones to work, who can? However if you are still keen on such devices, there is always Motorola and their Moto Mods.

Unlocked Motorola Moto Z Play Now Available
If you’re the sort of person who hates to be tied down to any particular carrier or a contract, then purchasing an unlocked phone is probably the best idea. What this means is that you get to hop around different carriers if you’re so inclined, or alternatively if you tend to travel overseas, you’ll be able to use your phone with a local carrier.