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Moto Z Play Review
Motorola/Lenovo has just launched a new Moto Z phone called Moto Z Play. At the moment, we unit we have is a Verizon “Moto Z Play Droid”– but expect to find a GSM unlocked (and unsubsidized) version. The Moto Z Play has been designed to provide a premium experience and a very long-lasting battery life, for an affordable price. That is its “raison d’etre”, where the Moto Z is very […]

Moto Z Play And Moto Z Style Alleged Launch Date Revealed
It seems that the closer a particular device is to its impending release, then one can surely expect more details concerning said device to hit the market – or at least, leak out. Here we are with a promotional graphic that you can see for yourself above, where it shows off the launch date of the Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style. With the Moto Z trademark already being […]

Moto G4 Plus Has Hidden LED Light
Now here is a rather interesting bit of news that we might not have come across – it looks like the recently unveiled Moto G4 Plus comes with a hidden LED light that is placed gingerly to the right side of the fingerprint scanner. This particular LED light is not used to alert you of any notifications from which you should act upon, and does seem to be rather redundant […]

Moto Z Says "Hello World!"
Well, with Motorola being rather busy today with the unveiling of not one, neither two, but three handsets in the form of the Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus and Moto G Play, this does not mean that we are done with all things Motorola. In fact, while there is not much movement on the grapevine considering whether there will be additional Moto X handsets down the road, the reason, if […]


Moto X 2016 Said To Feature Shattershield AMOLED Display
When a particular smartphone or device for that matter is about to hit the market, you can be pretty darned sure that there will be plenty of advanced leaks and the like, ranging from photos to other kinds of information of the upcoming device. Motorola’s Moto X 2016 is also no exempt, as we hear the latest whispers on the grapevine that it will feature a Shattershield AMOLED display.

Moto G4 Front Panel Leaked (Rumor)
It was just yesterday that we brought you word that the Moto G4 Plus is said to arrive with 3GB of RAM as well as a 16MP camera, and here we are with a leaked image of the front panel of the alleged Moto G4 smartphone. It is said that when June 9th comes around, Lenovo would like to unveil the 4th generation Moto G (and no one is ruling […]

Lenovo Might Have New Moto Smartphone
Chinese company Lenovo certainly has plenty of business interests everywhere, and the smartphone business is also one area where they would like to concentrate on. In fact, while we have received word earlier this year that Motorola’s 2016 flagships will feature fingerprint scanners as well as display sizes of at least 5”, it seems that Moto by Lenovo will be gracing the US some time this summer. According to Lenovo […]

Moto X Pure Edition To Obtain New LTE Band Support
There is the Moto X, and then there is the Moto X Pure Edition, which will be a particular model that does not come with all of the bloatware which is normally associated with a carrier branded device. Having said that, it seems that there is a new update out there that will be able to bring bands 3, 5, and 7 support all the way to the new Moto […]

Moto S Mini Could Be The Moto X Play
It looks like the trend for a smartphone model to arrive in a mini version of itself continues, what with whispers of an upcoming Moto S mini, which might also be known as the Moto X Play. Of course, we do know that the Moto X will eventually see a sequel in the form of the Moto X+1, so word of the Moto X Play is certainly new to our […]