Now here is a rather interesting bit of news that we might not have come across – it looks like the recently unveiled Moto G4 Plus comes with a hidden LED light that is placed gingerly to the right side of the fingerprint scanner. This particular LED light is not used to alert you of any notifications from which you should act upon, and does seem to be rather redundant as well. The thing is, it lights up for all too brief a moment each time a Micro USB cable is being plugged into the device.

As for what the function of this mysterious LED light is all about, that remains to be seen, since the handset does not need to have one in the first place, as the entire screen lights up whenever there is something which you might not want to miss – the feature known as Moto Display. Of course, it is also not strange at all to come across this, since it is the first handset that boasts of an LED light that serves just about no practical purpose at all – for the moment, that is.

Perhaps such LEDs could be enabled via apps and hacks, and such a vestigial component might see action one day down the road just yet.

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