Motorola-LogoIt looks like the trend for a smartphone model to arrive in a mini version of itself continues, what with whispers of an upcoming Moto S mini, which might also be known as the Moto X Play. Of course, we do know that the Moto X will eventually see a sequel in the form of the Moto X+1, so word of the Moto X Play is certainly new to our ears. This does not seem to be the only device that Motorola has in store, as we have talked about how Motorola is preparing to roll out a slew of smartphones before this year is over, while by the time next summer arrives, we ought to see another bunch of tablets hit the market.

Word on the street has it that the Moto X Play will be a 5.2” model of the 5.9” Moto S, although the rest of the hardware specifications will remain the same. It does boggle the mind that the Moto X Play would not then be a “mini” version of anything if one were to take the 5.2” size into play, but relatively speaking, it would be right on the money.

Still, do bear in mind that everything you hear about the Moto X Play would remain as just a rumor – nothing else, until something official comes out. All that we need to do at the moment would be to play the patience card, and see how things pan out in the end.

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