AirHeadIf you ride a bicycle or a motorbike, you’ll probably understand what it’s like to deal with “helmet hair” every time you go somewhere. Well, the folks over at Twowheelcool have come up with a solution to the problem called AirHead. It is basically a super soft washable silicone, non-allergenic, anti-static and anti-bacterial accessory which you place on the inside of your helmet. The AirHead increases air ventilation to reduce perspiration while creating air space for the hair – this ensures that you won’t suffer from “helmet hair” whenever you take off your helmet.

The AirHead is said to work with any type of helmet, and can be easily adjusted during placement for increased comfort. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, especially for bikers who care about their hairstyles. The AirHead is available now in various colors and designs, and is priced at $25 each. Find out more at the Twowheelcool website.

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