xterrain-500I suppose that riding all-terrain bikes is not everyone’s cup of tea, although you can be sure that there will be plenty of fans for such a ride, too. The world of all-terrain bikes look set to have received an electric boost, where the Xterrain500 will even sport what is deemed to be a rather unique feature, where it will sport a custom 10-inch-wide front tire, now how about that?

With the Xterrain500’s custom 10-inch-wide front tire, it will be able to offer the front end of the bike with a huge amount of float, hence ensuring that it does not end up bogged down when it comes to traversing soft surfaces. Just to get a better grip (pardon the pun) of the situation, regular mountain bike tires will top out at approximately 3 inches in width, whereas conventional fatbike tires go up to 5 inches.

Being 20 inches in diameter would mean that it will not be as tall as a regular tire, and hence the designers have decided to feature a standard 26-inch-diameter fatbike wheel in the back, where it comes clad in a 4.6-inch-wide Kenda tire. The Xterrain500 cannot be purchased at the moment, although it will appear as part of an Indiegogo campaign from next week onward. If all goes well, it should retail for $1,600 a pop.

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