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Jabra Move Wireless Headphones Delivers Sound In Style
There is nothing quite like a wireless experience when it comes to listening to your favorite music. After all, cables tend to end up in a bunch even if you leave them alone, and untangling all of those cables could prove to be quite a challenge – an infuriating one at that, too. Jabra knows this, which is why they have just announced the Move wireless headphones that are lightweight, […]

Sony creates Holodeck with PlayStation Move and Eyetoy
Sony wants to espouse the immersive level of movies that are available on the Playstation Store, and so they decided to rope in a little bit of help from UK-based agencies Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast in order to churn out a bunch of shorts that are centered around the theme, “great films fill rooms.” With clever and innovative use of the Playstation Move, the production team decided to […]

Tecmo Koei Champion Jockey looks ridiculous
Are you a fan of horse riding, but don’t have enough space in your house to keep or horse, or you don’t have the money to buy one? Well, like almost every hobby, there’s a digital version of it available and this one is coming soon to a PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 near you. Called Champion Jockey, this video game will bring horse racing to the comfort of […]

SOCOM 4 + Sharp Shooter Review
I’m not going to lie. I’ve never really cared for the SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals series before. It’s always been one of those game franchises that everybody loves, but always escaped me – just a game I’ve tinkered with a few times before when it first graced the PS2.SOCOM 4 is the supposedly the first proper game in the series to make the jump to the PlayStation 3. The last […]


UFC Personal Trainer puts the fit back into video gaming
If you thought that video games were all designed to keep your butts glued to the couch – well you’re wrong. THQ and Zuffa have announced that they will be expanding the UFC video gaming portfolio over to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii later this year. But instead of the regular fighting games you’ve come to expect from the UFC franchise, UFC Personal Trainer is a game aimed to […]

SOCOM 4 Is A Hardcore PlayStation Move + Sharp Shooter Game Done Right
The PlayStation Move might have gotten off to a slow start, skewing towards the casual gamer with more motion controlled sports games ala Wii Sports, but the tide’s changing. Last month’s release of Killzone 3 with support for PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter peripheral was just the beginning. Ubergizmo stopped by NYC’s Sony Style Store to check out SOCOM 4 with the motion controller in check and we came […]

ArmKeypad from NEC lets you issue commands by tapping your arm
The folks over at NEC recently unveiled a new method of command input. Called the NEC ArmKeypad, these unique sensors are strapped around your arm and allow you to issue commands by tapping different places on your arm. Designed to replace gesture commands that are sometimes hard to remember, the NEC ArmKeypad can be applied to portable media players – for your to change tracks or adjust the volume while […]

Sony to release developer tools for the PlayStation Move
It looks like Sony has plans to bring their PlayStation Move controller out of the gaming world. The manufacturer of the PlayStation 3 will be releasing Move.Me – a development kit that hobbyists can use to create software that can be used with the PlayStation Move. According to reports, Sony’s senior engineer of development support, John McCutchan, has said that they want the Move technology to be used in “fields […]

PlayStation Move coming to the PC?
Looks like the PlayStation Move is feeling left out of the PC world especially after how the whole world hacked up the Kinect for a 101 different purposes. But all that is going to change. A bunch of game developers and academics have started a project called Move Server with the aim of creating PlayStation Move games for the PC. At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Sony will be having […]

320GB PlayStation 3 retails for $350 sans Move
One man’s meat is another man’s poison, so don’t expect the PlayStation Move to be popular from the get go. After all, didn’t Sony make fun of Nintendo Wii owners and their “waggle” controls? The Move didn’t depart from that idea radically either, so who’s laughing now? We digress – those who want to bring home a new PS3 sans the PS Move controller can do so with a spanking […]

PS3 Move controller gets dressed up in ridiculous accessories
Somehow, something tells us that the folks over at Sony love to be laughed at – either that, or they’re extremely slow learners. Remember how Sony execs laughed at Nintendo’s Wii because of “waggle controls”? Fast forward a few years and hello, PS3 Move! Not only that, we’re pretty sure Nintendo fans were also sneered at when they saw the plethora of Wii accessories that were meant to cradle the […]

Sony: Despite PlayStation Move's Accuracy, Users Don't Want "Accurate" Game Play
According to Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, game players do not want a super accurate game playing experience, despite the technological accuracy that the company’s Move accessory can achieve in tracking user’s movement. While the Move is said to be more accurate than the Wii controllers from rival Nintendo, Sony says that they’re not trying to be a simulator as that will make game playing unplayable. Yoshida […]

iFixit does teardown of PlayStation Move
Ever wondered what lay within the PlayStation Move that will soon be in living rooms of rabid PS3 owners in due time? Well, the good people at iFixit have managed to snag one of these new-fangled lollipop-like video game controllers for themselves, and taken it apart carefully. During the process of stripping it apart, it seems to be pretty easy to take apart and reassemble, so a novice shouldn’t need […]

PlayStation Move arrives Stateside, aims to redefine gaming
Funny how the world works. Remember when Nintendo unveiled the Wii, only to have Sony executives laugh at its ‘waggly controls’? Well, how the tables have turned, and Sony will now jump aboard the motion sensitive bandwagon with their PlayStation Move motion control system. Of course, this will be different than the Wiimote, as it relies on the PlayStation Eye cam as well as internal motion sensors to detect all […]

Sony Announces PlayStation Move At E3 With Pricing Details
Sony talks up the long awaited PlayStation Move at E3 today, where we do know that it will rely on visual and motion sensors to get its game on, where it will not marginalize hardcore gamers with its high level of precision – something we suspect that Microsoft’s Kinect is unable to handle when it comes to aiming accurately. Nice to see Sony take up the psychological high ground in […]

Sony PS3 Move bundle might include 500GB model
Word on the street has it that Sony is working to release a 500GB PlayStation 3 hardware bundle that will also include the PlayStation Move. This bundle might also come in two – we’re talking about a smaller 250GB model just in case you think that your gaming needs will never surpass the 250GB mark. Other new hardware thrown into the mix also includes 802.11n Wi-Fi cards for a faster […]

PlayStation Move Hands-On
PlayStation owners, rejoice! Soon you will stop hearing “when are you getting a Wii?” from your friends and family. Sony has just announced the PlayStation Move at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Presented last year at E3 (in fanfare), it is now a real product that will be sold as a bundle (game+ EyeToy webcam + PS Move) for $100. If you add the secondary controller, and make […]