Sony wants to espouse the immersive level of movies that are available on the Playstation Store, and so they decided to rope in a little bit of help from UK-based agencies Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast in order to churn out a bunch of shorts that are centered around the theme, “great films fill rooms.” With clever and innovative use of the Playstation Move, the production team decided to shoot a bunch of scenes that depict an ordinary man who decided to make his move from his couch all the way to flying above skyscrapers in the form of a robot, fighting fighting sea monsters to boot. What made these videos all the more impressive would be none of them were part of the editing room’s work, making it truly a wonder as there was no need for fancy editing or post-production CGI.

All it took was traditional camera tricks, a bunch of projectors, and a single take. Set pieces were able to vanish and reappear from the walls as though it happened out of thin air, while the actor on screen does seem to be on a fantastic journey without having to leave the comfort of his couch. Sometime into the shorts, it can get rather hard to tell what just is an actual physical object in the shot, and what is not.

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