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Firefox For Amazon Fire TV Released
Amazon Fire TV users will now be able to browse the internet with Firefox. Mozilla today confirmed that Firefox for Amazon Fire TV has been released. It joins Amazon’s own Silk browser on these devices to enable users to browse the internet. Firefox and Silk browsers have now been released on all Fire TV devices in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Mozilla Takes Flak For Sneaking In Mr Robot Firefox Plugin
Many Firefox Quantum users were taken by surprise yesterday when they found a strange new plugin listed in their browsers. The plugin was called Looking Glass and even though it was disabled by default, users weren’t pleased to see a plugin they knew nothing about pop up out of nowhere. While Mozilla has since offered an explanation, it has understandably taken a lot of flak from users for sneaking in […]

Firefox Will Notify Users About Sites That Suffered Data Breach
It’s not uncommon for websites to suffer data breaches. We frequently hear about websites being targeted by attackers who are after their user data. It’s not possible for the average user to keep track of all of the websites that have suffered a data breach. That’s why Firefox may soon show notifications to users when they visit a website that has previously suffered a data breach.

Google Is Firefox’s Default Search Engine Once Again
It is pretty obvious why companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo would want their search engines to be the default on browsers. For example it has been reported that Google had paid Apple billions to remain the default search engine on iOS devices, while companies like Yahoo inked deals with Mozilla to become Firefox’s default search.


Firefox Releases Its Fastest Version Yet
Mozilla has been working on a new version of its Firefox browser which it claims is twice as fast as the original Firefox from six months back. The company today released Firefox Quantum out of beta. Not only are there speed improvements, but the browser also comes with a new sleek user interface with a customizable toolbar.

Firefox 10 For iOS Released With Brand New Design
When it comes to mobile browsers, there are many options to choose from. For example on iOS you have the option of using the native browser Safari, or alternatively you could download third-party browsers like Google’s Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. Now if you’re partial to Firefox, the app’s latest update could be worth checking out.

Firefox Will End Support For Windows XP & Vista In 2018
The latest version of Windows is Windows 10, and if you were on older builds of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8, there was a period where Microsoft offered users the chance to upgrade for free, which hopefully many of you guys have taken it. However at the same time there are also probably some users who are on even older builds of Windows.

Firefox 56 For Android Will Stop Supporting Adobe Flash
Back in the day, Adobe’s Flash platform was extremely popular and used by web developers to create websites and interactive online content like games. It was also one of the main selling points of Android where companies would advertise that their devices supported Flash while Apple’s iOS devices did not.

Mozilla Announces Initiative To Tackle Fake News
Fake news has become a huge problem because some people do not bother double checking what they read and just share it, which in turn causes the fake news to spread and in some cases causes panic and outrage which could have been easily avoided. We’ve see how companies like Facebook and Google are tackling the problem, and now Mozilla wants to help as well.

Next Version Of Firefox Will Bring VR Support
Mozilla has been working to bring virtual reality support to the Firefox browser for quite some time now. Firefox nightly builds actually got support for the Oculus Rift VR headset back in 2015. The company is now ready to support VR on a much wider scale. It has confirmed that the next version of Firefox is going to have support for virtual reality made possible by WebVR.

Mozilla Launches Send, A Snapchat-Like File Sharing Service
Mozilla has launched a new online service called Send which aims to take the fuss out of sending files online. It also appears to have taken some inspiration from Snapchat when developing this service because it has an ephemeral nature. Once the recipient downloads the file, the file disappears forever. Users can thus share their files online with the knowledge that it’s going to be quick and private.

The Latest Firefox Builds Can Handle More Than 1,500 Tabs
The more tabs you open in your browser, the more memory it will ultimately consume, especially if the tabs you open are resource-heavy, such as videos. While a computer’s hardware clearly and obviously plays a role in how many tabs can be handled, development of the browser’s software also matters as it needs to be optimized to be as memory efficient as possible.

Mozilla’s Firefox Focus Has Hit 1 Million Downloads On Android
Given how much data is being collected on us these days, it’s safe to say that privacy is considered to be a pretty big deal to many. This is why ad blockers are increasingly popular, as well as other apps and extensions meant to curb the amount of data that is being collected on us.

Firefox Focus Android Release Finally Takes Place
Mozilla launched its privacy-focused web browser called Firefox Focus in November last year. The browser was initially released for iPhone and iPad only. Mozilla designed it to be fast, simple, and private. Firefox Focus has been very well received on iOS and users have long been waiting for Mozilla to release it for Android. The company has finally confirmed the Mozilla Firefox Focus Android release today.