Mozilla has launched a new online service called Send which aims to take the fuss out of sending files online. It also appears to have taken some inspiration from Snapchat when developing this service because it has an ephemeral nature. Once the recipient downloads the file, the file disappears forever. Users can thus share their files online with the knowledge that it’s going to be quick and private.


Mozilla Send is going to be useful for you if you’re looking for a quick way to send files to a contact online. This isn’t a long-term hosting solution or something that you can use to distribute files to a large group. It’s meant for quick and private person-to-person online file sharing.

Send tackles the pain points of other file sharing services. Email attachments often cap out at 20MB so it’s impossible to send big files over email. If you use a service like Dropbox, you don’t know when the other person downloads it, so you don’t know when it’s safe to remove the file.

Mozilla Send has support for files up to 1GB in size. Once the file is uploaded, just send the link to whoever you want to share the file with. The file disappears automatically once the person downloads it or 24 hours have passed since it was uploaded.

Mozilla says that Send is an experiment for now so it’s unclear what the long-term status of this service is going to be.

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