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Mozilla Announces Firefox 54 Which Will Use Less RAM
There are several different browsers available out there today, some of which are more preferred than others, although sometimes preferred doesn’t necessarily mean the best. For example for a while, Google’s Chrome browser was notorious for being a memory hog, although its speed and features did help make up for it.

Mozilla Working To Improve Performance Of Firefox On Older Machines
If you’re not a fan of Google’s Chrome browser, there are plenty of alternatives out there, such as Mozilla’s Firefox. However if you’ve felt that Firefox can be a bit sluggish similar to Chrome, not to worry as Mozilla is working on changing that in a new “performance” feature that is meant to help improve the browser’s performance, especially on older machines.

Mozilla Announces Acquisition Of Pocket
If you love saving articles for reading later, then there’s a good chance that you might have used Pocket. For those who are unfamiliar with Pocket, basically this is an app that lets you save websites for reading later. You can curate a list of websites and they’ll be made available to you whenever you want.

Firefox Testing Ability To Snooze Browser Tabs
Come across an interesting article that you want to read but don’t have the time? There are a few different ways that you can go about handling this, one of which is bookmarking the website for later. However in the latest addition to the Firefox Test Pilot Program, Mozilla is introducing a feature called “SnoozeTabs”.


Mozilla Calls It Quits On Firefox OS
Mozilla is a company that many probably know for its Firefox browser. However in recent times the company has tried to expand beyond the browser by launching Firefox OS, which initially debuted as a smartphone platform that was designed to compete against the likes of iOS and Android.

Firefox On Windows XP & Vista To Be Support Until September 2017
As it stands both Windows XP and Vista do not have mainstream support from Microsoft. For Vista, extended support is still active until April 11, 2017. By now we would have assumed that many users have switched to at least Windows 7, or ideally Windows 10, but if for some reason you’re still on XP or Vista, not to worry as Mozilla has your back.

Firefox’s Multi-Process Mode Coming To More Users Soon
When Firefox was first released back in 2002, many users saw it as an alternative to other browsers available at that time, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but over the years it seems that other companies have released their own browsers that are outperforming Firefox.

Firefox Focus Is A New Fast And Private Browser For iOS
Mozilla today announced the launch of Firefox Focus, its new free, fast, and private browser for iOS. The company’s objective with this browser is to make the web feel less cluttered for users. It’s being billed as the perfect browser for the times when users don’t want to leave a record on their phone. The private browsing feature is good but it’s not like the feature doesn’t already exist in […]

Latest Update To Firefox Should Prevent It From Freezing Up
No matter how fast your computer is, sometimes a software will glitch or maybe there’s a hiccup in the process that will cause your computer or the software that you’re using to freeze. This is completely normal, but we suppose if developers can try and optimize their apps the best they can, that would be great.

Latest Firefox Build For iOS Improves Its Battery Usage
With so many browsers to choose from, users are often spoilt for choice. Now if you are a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and you love using it across your mobile devices and computers, the latest update for iOS might be worth taking a look at, especially with Mozilla’s claims that the latest build is more battery efficient.

Firefox Starts Blocking Non-Essential Flash Content Next Month
Flash is gradually being phased out online in light of the stability, performance and security issues that it opens up web browsers to. Mozilla today detailed how it’s going to handle Flash content in Firefox going forward. Starting next month, Firefox is going to block all non-essential Flash content while keeping support for legacy Flash content. This is being done in the interest of improving security, page load times and […]

Mozilla’s ‘Context Graph’ Will Make Browsing The Web Smarter
Google is great for when you’re searching for things, like how to bake a cake, or how to build your own shelf, or how to put together your own PC. However usually this information means you click one website, you read it and decide you need more context, so you hit the back button, go to another website and keep repeating that process.

Mozilla Creates A Game To Teach Users About Encryption
Nowadays we are hearing the term “encryption” being tossed around a lot. For example recently it was discovered that Apple had shipped the latest beta of iOS 10 with an unencrypted kernel, and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering what the big deal is? Sure, some of you might have a rough idea of what encryption is, but if you wanted more in-depth knowledge, Mozilla is here to […]

Firefox Feature Lets Users Use Multiple Identities On A Single Site
If you’re a social media manager or someone who makes a living off social media, chances are you might have multiple accounts to manage. You might have one account for your company/brand, and one for your own personal use. However juggling multiple accounts can be tricky on the desktop.