While all men are born equal, that does not mean others are not first among equals. From a very early age, we are thrust into a society that tends to favor the rich and powerful, and for folks who are busy trying to eke out a living, maintaining a day to day existence with their meagre earnings, a $300 MP3 player for your little one does sound like overkill. Is it? Why not read on more about the Hörbert MP3 player and draw your own conclusions.

After all, this is not one meant for adults, and will kids be able to appreciate something so expensive? 2GB of miserly storage space is outrageous in this day and age, especially with the kind of money you fork out for it, but the whole idea is this – just how many songs does a small kid actually bother listening to? They would most probably prefer a short playlist that repeats itself many times over. What makes the Hörbert so expensive? This is basically a hand-crafted, wooden device, and I assume the 11 multi-colored buttons also costs some to integrate. Definitely not worth the three Benjamins in my books, but others might see it as a status symbol for Junior.

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