I have yet to meet a person who found Kung Fu Panda to be a turn off, so it either is one universally appealing cartoon character, or I do not know enough people – I suspect it is the latter, but I digress. If you happen to be a fan of Kung Fu Panda, then you would definitely be pleased to hear (pun not intended as you can soon tell) that the Panda (Po) and his cohort will come in the form of MP3 players to assault your ears with your favorite tunes, thanks to Mugo.

These aren’t just MP3 players but like many others, they too are USB flash drives. It doesn’t matter which character you pick up – Po, Master Shifu, Monkey, and Tigress – they all come with a couple of GBs of internal storage space, in addition to an audio jack located right on the top of the character’s head (which is better than the butt, of course).

They’re all priced the same – $55, and that is rather pricey considering the amount of money you fork out for it in return for the amount of storage space. Guess this is something meant for the kids who can’t get enough of Kung Fu Panda…load it up with the movie’s soundtrack and you’re set.

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