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Murata Reveals UMAC Series Advanced Miniaturized Energy Devices
[CES 2016] Murata of America has just announced that they managed to successfully develop the UMAC Series, which so happens to be a large-capacity cylinder-type energy device. This particular product is said to be able to deliver an energy harvesting system, in addition to a quick charge solution, and backup power supply – all of it arriving in an extremely small form factor.

muRata Spices Up The Portable Keyboard Sector
[CEATEC 2015] As tablets become more and more versatile in their use in this day and age, not to mention the fact that the kind of hardware that a tablet packs underneath the hood has proven itself to be quite the workhorse, it is not surprising to see the Surface Pro 3 types make a splash in the market with their add-on accessories such as a keyboard that also doubles […]

Sabae × muRata Smart Glass Adds Versatility To Your Home
[CEATEC 2015] The folks over at muRata have impressed yet again this time around, what with their cheerleading robots last year that took to the stage in the previous edition of CEATEC (and looks set to do s again this year, but I digress), are back with a new take on what a pair of smart glasses should look like – and work. Enter the Sabae × muRata collaboration that […]

Murata Baby Life Log Tool Assists Parents In Their Tasks
[CEATEC 2014] Parenting is not an easy task, and I certainly take my hat off to the older generation of parents who had to juggle not only a family and work life, but they had five, six, or even more than seven children running around the home, being of various ages and needs, so much so that the parents themselves still had enough “alone time”. What a tough juggling act […]


Murata Cheerleaders In The Flesh
[CEATEC 2014] It can be rather difficult to find someone who does not love robots, especially when one takes into consideration just how far modern day technology has come. Murata, while not exactly being a household name in Japan at this point in time, has drawn attention to itself in the past through clever attention grabbing robots such as the Unicycle Robot, saw the release of the Murata Cheerleaders at […]

Murata Cheerleaders Get Around On Balls
Murata is not exactly new to the robotics scene, and their latest robot – or rather, should we say robots, happen to be the Murata Cheerleaders. This particular collection of robots that hail from Murata Manufacturing of Japan happen to get around, perfectly poised and balanced on metal balls, and they happen to dance and flash their lights in perfect co-ordination, making it one of the cooler swarm robots that […]