murata-cheerleading-botMurata is not exactly new to the robotics scene, and their latest robot – or rather, should we say robots, happen to be the Murata Cheerleaders. This particular collection of robots that hail from Murata Manufacturing of Japan happen to get around, perfectly poised and balanced on metal balls, and they happen to dance and flash their lights in perfect co-ordination, making it one of the cooler swarm robots that we have seen to date.


Just how do the Murata Cheerleaders do it? Well, they happen to have a gyroscopic sensor that sports an inverted-pendulum control in order to remain upright, where this has proven to be quite the colossal achievement in the field of robotics.

Not only that, to have a “flash mob” of robots work things out beautifully, so to speak, in perfect unison, is another story altogether, as they are equipped with ultrasonic microphones and infrared sensors so that they will be able to figure out just what kind of objects are around them, before finalizing on their relative positions. The next thing you will probably know would be these robots appearing in some sort of reality show, delivering a flash mob performance that is for the ages. In fact, it is said that these Murata Cheerleaders’ location technology could eventually be ported over to see action in traffic control – which is a good thing as lives can be saved.

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