murata-smart-glass-1[CEATEC 2015] The folks over at muRata have impressed yet again this time around, what with their cheerleading robots last year that took to the stage in the previous edition of CEATEC (and looks set to do s again this year, but I digress), are back with a new take on what a pair of smart glasses should look like – and work. Enter the Sabae × muRata collaboration that delivers spectacles-type smart glasses, where you put it on to check out information shown without interrupting your field of vision, thanks to the transparent display that has been fitted to the lens.


In the conceptual prototype pair, this Sabae × muRata cool smart glasses claims to feature the world’s smallest (3.2mm × 3.4mm × 2.3mm) “micro position sensor” rotating dial that has been developed by Murata Manufacturing to be used in wearable devices. It comes with a rotational-click design and a push switch, letting you enjoy simple switch operations even as you are occupied with a different activity. In the demonstration, the Smart Glass was worn to target a “smart house” concept, where it can control appliances like the TV in the living room, adjust the brightness levels of the lights in the vicinity, among others. Seems to be something that the lazy couch potato would love, but aren’t there smartphone apps right now that can already control a slew of items in your home? Perhaps there will be more practical and indispensable purposes for this pair of smart glasses down the road.

As a normal spectacles user, I found the experience to be rather uncomfortable, and had to hold it up with my finger all the time, otherwise it would drop down too low for me to use it well. It seems that there still needs to be work on the choices of frames in order to accommodate folks like me, otherwise it should come with a precaution that this works best with those who wear contact lenses, or have perfect 20/20 vision instead.

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