Spotify Hits 40 Million Paid Subscribers

As one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, Spotify’s subscriber numbers are closely watched, and in the face of mounting competition the company continues to reveal figures that show it’s growing nicely. A couple of months ago Spotify announced that it has more than 100 million users with 30 million of them paying for its premium service. Spotify today announced that the number of paying subscribers […]

Get A Three-Month SoundCloud Go Subscription For Just $0.99

SoundCloud is best known as one of few online music platforms where you go to find great covers of music but the company evolved from that earlier this year. It did that by launching a proper music streaming service called SoundCloud Go. The paid service brought another layer of music as well as additional features for those who were willing to pay for them. Like all other services it costs […]

$5 Music Streaming Services From Amazon And Pandora Expected Soon

Almost all premium music streaming services require their subscribers to pay $10 per month, but it appears that Amazon and Pandora are looking to shake things up. A new report suggests that both companies are going to launch new music streaming services in the coming weeks which will be priced at $5 per month, thus undercutting competitors like Spotify and Apple Music by a significant margin.

Tidal Boasts 3 Million Subscribers

It hasn’t really been an easy road for Tidal but the music streaming service has stuck to its guns after being acquired by rap mogul Jay-Z and a number of big stars from the music industry. Tidal announced its first million subscribers in fall last year and in the 12 months that music royalty has been at the helm of this service, Tidal has reached 3 million subscribers. Its subscriber […]


Kanye West Releases A Track From His New Album On Apple Music

Kanye West released a new album last month. Called The Life of Pablo, the new album was launched as a Tidal exclusive. He later tweeted that his album will “never be on Apple” and that his fans could only get it on Tidal. He seems to have taken a U-turn as a track from The Life of Pablo has now been released on Apple Music. It’s not just Apple Music, […]

Spotify Now Has 30 Million Subscribers

Spotify is one of the most widely used online music streaming services. Many were of the view that it will experience a slowdown in growth when Apple Music arrived on the scene. So far Spotify has been holding its own against Apple’s service. Today Spotify CEO announced that Spotify now has more than 30 million subscribers across the globe.

Spotify Is Giving Away A Free Chromecast To Subscribers

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most widely used music streaming services on the planet. It surely doesn’t want to rest on its laurels as rivals like Apple Music breathe down its neck. Spotify today announced a new promotion in which it’s offering a free Chromecast to all subscribers who purchase a three months subscription to the premium version of its service.

Amazon’s Spotify Killer Coming This Fall

Amazon Prime members get a lot of benefits aside from free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items. There’s Amazon Prime Video with its respectable library of movies, TV shows, documentaries and more and there’s also a music streaming service. Amazon’s service isn’t as good as market leaders like Spotify or Apple Music and according to a new report, that’s something Jeff Bezos and co. want to fix. The report […]

Deal With Universal Brings Major Artists To Soundcloud

If you ever wondered why music from some of the biggest artists is not available on SoundCloud that’s because the streaming service didn’t have a licensing deal with Universal Music Group, which happens to be the largest label in the music industry. According to a new report, SoundCloud has finally inked a deal with UMG which will bring major artists like Sam Smith, U2, The Weekend and Katy Perry to […]

Spotify Teams Up With Genius To Take You Behind The Lyrics

Songs can mean different things to different people and just finding out the lyrics to your favorite tune isn’t enough to find out the real meaning behind it. There’s always a story like why a singer chose to work with a certain producer or collaborator or what inspired the lyrics to a particular song. To take you behind the lyrics and give you all of those stories popular music streaming […]

The Beatles To Arrive On Music Streaming Services This Christmas

To say that The Beatles made an impact in the world of music would be an understatement. The Fab Four was massive back in the day and their reputation still stands to this day, millions of devoted fans cherish their music and they will be delighted to find out that there’s a possibility that The Beatles could arrive on music streaming services later this month.

Google Play Music Gift Subscriptions Go Live In Some Markets

It was only yesterday when references to “music gifts” were supported on a support page for Google Play, a new page has now gone line which details which this feature really is, and it turns out that this feature enables users to gift Play Music subscriptions to other people. So far it’s only available in a handful of markets across North America, Europe and Australia, subscriptions can only be gifted to […]

Apple Music Launched In China, Costs $1.50 Per Month

Apple has made no secret of the fact that it considers China to be one of its most important markets, the company has recently been paying attention to the needs of the Chinese consumer and has adapted the way it does business in the People’s Republic to improve its position in the market. It appears to have worked so far and now the company is taking a chance with software services, […]

Google Play Music Family Plan Announced

Just yesterday we reported that Google may announce a family plan for its music streaming service at the event today and that’s precisely what it has done, Google Play Music now has a family plan which allows multiple members of a family to share one single plan without each member having to pay for the subscription individually. Family plans are already offered by services like Spotify and Apple Music so it’s […]