It was only yesterday when references to “music gifts” were supported on a support page for Google Play, a new page has now gone line which details which this feature really is, and it turns out that this feature enables users to gift Play Music subscriptions to other people. So far it’s only available in a handful of markets across North America, Europe and Australia, subscriptions can only be gifted to residents of supported countries.

The new support page is titled Gifting and lending digital content and it details how Google Play Music subscriptions can be gifted if you’re based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France and Spain.

If existing subscribers receive this as a gift then they’ll see an extension of the number of months that are included in their gift, a one, three or six-month subscription can be gifted to users, even if they’ve not been previously been using Google’s music streaming service.

Gift subscriptions will be received via email, it’s similar to receiving a promotional code, but if the recipient doesn’t want the subscription they can let the sender know so that a refund can be requested.

Google is slowly rolling out this feature in the aforementioned countries, it remains to be seen if Play Music gift subscriptions go live in all markets where this service is currently available.

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