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DIY nano SIM card for unlocked iPhone 5
So you have managed to unlock your iPhone 5 by the book or having taken an alternative route, what next? Obviously, you will need to find some way to fit your current SIM card inside, so there is nothing quite like a DIY effort to reduce the extra baggage around your SIM card right in the comfort of your own home – with the right tools on hand, of course. […]

Micro SIM cannot be cut into nano SIM (nano SIM inventor)
It is slightly more than an hour away before we bring you live news of Apple’s event at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, California, which will most probably see the introduction of the iPhone 5; not to mention nano SIM cards that are required to run in this puppy. Of course, some folks do wonder whether it is possible to cut their micro SIM cards to the size […]

Vodafone stockpiles nano-SIMs for iPhone 5 launch
With the launch of the next iPhone just around the corner, the wireless carriers who will be officially on board are naturally gearing up for it. Vodafone UK, for instance, has been found to be stockpiling nano-SIMs which will fit neatly into the new iPhone.In a blog post, the company divulged that it had stockpiled 500,000 nano-SIMs so as to meet the expected demand from iPhone 5 users once the […]

Nano-SIMs make their way to telco in Europe possibly ahead of iPhone 5 launch
Many believe that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will incorporate the new nano-SIM standard and according to previous rumors, carriers in Europe have reportedly begun stockpiling nano-SIMs in anticipation of the iPhone 5’s release. Well thanks to the folks at iFun, they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be a nano-SIM for Deutsche Telekom, and according to a message that was attached with the SIM cards:Dear partners, You […]


European carriers reportedly stockpiling nano SIMs in anticipation of the iPhone 5
A while back there was a big fuss over the nano SIM standard, with Apple trying to impose their own standard while other manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and RIM were not too pleased and tried to introduce a standard of their own. Some are speculating that the new nano SIM could be making an appearance in Apple’s next-gen iPhone, but since nothing can be confirmed, it is merely speculation for […]

Vote on nano SIM proposal postponed by 30 days
If you have been following our nano SIM, you might recall that Apple is currently pushing for their nano SIM design, a move that has been met with resistance by Nokia, RIM and Motorola who have refused to accept Apple’s designs even after Apple offered it up royalty-free. Now thanks to the stalemate and with the companies failing to reach an agreement, it looks like the vote that would determine […]

Nokia threatens to not license its patents if the ETSI votes for Apple's nano SIM standard
For those of you who have been following the news, you might be aware that Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola are trying to establish a new SIM standard. Apple has proposed their take on the nano SIM standard and even offered it royalty free if it were to be adopted, a move which Nokia has snubbed. Now it looks like according to reports, Nokia appears to be doing everything in […]

Nokia dismisses Apple's royalty-free nano SIM proposal
For those who might not have been following the news, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and RIM are currently attempting to propose a new SIM standard. Apple is trying to get the other manufacturers on board the nano SIM standard, even going as far as offering the patent up to other manufacturers royalty-free as long as they are willing to adopt Apple’s design. While it certainly sounds generous, Nokia does not think […]

Apple offers royalty-free nano SIM patent license if approved by the ETSI
Close to a week ago, we reported that according to reports, Apple was reportedly trying to push for their own nano SIM standard, a move that did not sit well with other manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and RIM. Nokia has since come forward claiming that Apple’s design for the nano SIM was flawed, although we’re guessing the deeper underlying problem here would be if they were to go with […]

Apple is reportedly pushing for the nano SIM standard
Thanks to the micro SIM, phones were allowed to be designed smaller and thinner, but it seems that isn’t enough at least by Apple’s standards as according to reports, the Cupertino company is apparently pushing hard for an even smaller SIM card in the form of a nano SIM and is currently going up against their competitors, Motorola, RIM and Nokia in hopes of making the nano SIM an industry […]

Giesecke & Devrient to debut nano SIM in Paris next week
Giesecke & Devrient, the company that brought us the world’s first commercial SIM card, will be showing off a new SIM card in Paris next week. This new SIM card is dubbed the nanoSIM, which as its name implies, will be a lot smaller than the microSIM card which is currently employed by Apple and (recently) Nokia in their smartphones.