For those who might not have been following the news, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and RIM are currently attempting to propose a new SIM standard. Apple is trying to get the other manufacturers on board the nano SIM standard, even going as far as offering the patent up to other manufacturers royalty-free as long as they are willing to adopt Apple’s design. While it certainly sounds generous, Nokia does not think so and has responded in kind.

The Finnish company has stepped forward and basically discredited Apple’s plans, claiming that the Cupertino company does not have any essential patents related to the nano SIM proposal to begin and are attempting to devalue the intellectual property of others. Nokia so far has been the most vocal of Apple’s plans for the nano SIM standard going as far as detailing why their proposal would be technically superior.

In any case for those unfamiliar, a nano SIM would essentially make it smaller/thinner compared to the current micro SIM. This would give manufacturers more space to fit in more components i.e. a larger battery. The ETSI are expected to meet up some time this week to hear the proposals and make their decision, so stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on its progress.

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