For those of you who have been following the news, you might be aware that Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola are trying to establish a new SIM standard. Apple has proposed their take on the nano SIM standard and even offered it royalty free if it were to be adopted, a move which Nokia has snubbed. Now it looks like according to reports, Nokia appears to be doing everything in its power to prevent Apple from winning the nano SIM standard and has reportedly threatened the ETSI that the Finnish company will refuse to license the patents they hold that they believe will be essential to Apple’s proposal should the ETSI vote in Apple’s favor.

Nokia had previously stated that Apple’s nano SIM proposal does not meet ETSI’s technical requirements and would result in an inferior design that would affect both consumers and the mobile industry leading to an unnecessary increase in cost of mobile devices. Will the ETSI fold to Nokia’s threats, or will we be heralding Apple’s nano SIM design as the new standard for mobile phones?

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