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Navy planning to equip three of its ships with 4G LTE
The U.S. Navy is planning to deploy “ruggedized” 4G LTE networks on three of its vessels this year. This marks the first time that the Navy has offered cellular service on any of its ships. According to Wired, the ships will be using a microwave-based wireless wide area network (WWAN) that can extend out to up to 20 nautical miles with speeds up to 300 megabits per second. The Navy […]

Navy's Knifefish drone sub helps seek out mines
It is rather ironic that the Navy’s fleet of mine-hunting ships are not too good at what they do – that is, to look for mines in and around the waters that they cover. Good to know that there is a remedy to that problem, coming in the form of the Knifefish drone sub which will function as the larger ship’s “glasses”, so to speak. Developed by General Dynamics, the […]

Swordfish pierces deep sea submarine hull, ends up as dinner
The swordfish is a mighty underwater creature that is magnificent to look at, and just to get an idea on the kind of piercing power it has, read on. Alvin, a US Navy deep sea submarine has an illustrious history, having carried crew through the extreme conditions of deep sea exploration, surveying the ill fated Titanic, and even checking out a hydrothermal vent, which is a pretty impressive list of […]

Navy robot throws extinguisher grenades to quell fires
A fire on a ship is one of the worst fears of a sailor for the longest time (add a nuclear meltdown in a submarine to the list in keeping up with the times), and meeting Davy Jones and his fabled locker would be a viable alternative. Well, the US Navy decided to look for a different method in combating this ancient foe, and they are mulling over this humanoid […]


Navy looks at fast firing superweapon
The race for the best arms has never stopped, hence the evolution of weapons on the battlefield that has come a long way since fistcuffs. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, stealth planes, stuff that you never could have imagined a couple of hundred years ago are now in the hands of the elite few in different countries which act as a deterrent against war. The US Navy is looking into developing a […]

Navy does the underwater Roomba now
Anyone remember the Tintin comics by Herge, where Captain Haddock, the foul-mouthed, rum loving seaman tends to shout, “Blistering barnacles!” at different moments in the comics? Well, barnacles in real life might seem to be rather innocuous when you first lay your eyes on them, spotting them on the undersides of breaching whales, but when they make their homes on the underside of a ship, a significant amount of drag […]

Laser machine gun combo appeals to US Navy
The price for freedom is eternal vigilance, and if you happen to share Tony Stark’s sentiments in the first Iron Man movie, then surely you would be more than happy to own the biggest, baddest weapons in your backyard so that enemies will think twice, nay, three times before they decide to go for your jugular. The US Navy figured out that a better offensive/defensive mechanism on their seafaring ships […]

US Navy thinking about using Google+
The Navy is no stranger when it comes to using consumer technology for its recruitment purposes. Remember the submarine strategy game came it came up with to crowdsource tactics and strategies that people use? How about the Royal Navy Engineer Officer Challenge app? Well, according to the latest reports online from the Navy Times, it looks like it has its eyes set using Google+ as an additional tool to get […]

The Blackfish is a new remote controlled jet ski the Navy plans to add to their fleet
When it comes to protecting our shores, we have the Navy to thank for that, for being the first line of defense against any attacks from the sea. However as high-tech as our cruisers or submarines may be, there are times where lone divers or small watercrafts may very well escape detection which could spell trouble. Apparently this has been an issue the Navy has been facing up until now, […]

Dolphins trained to thwart enemy divers and mines?
Dolphins are one of the smarter water-based mammals, and they can be taught to perform tricks and feats in return for food – something that many of us have already seen and experienced for ourselves over at a water park or circus. Well, dolphins are capable of doing much, much more than just keep a crowd happy – how about the ability to “sniff” out mines in the water, or […]

US Navy fires laser gun from ship for the first time
The US Navy recently took a major leap forward in terms of weapon technology recently. They mounted a solid-state laser called the Maritime Laser Demonstrator aboard a decommissioned destroyer, the USS Paul Foster. With a motorboat a mile away from the ship, they set out for target practice with the laser gun. It fired a 15-kilowatt beam of laser at the boat and set the motorboat’s engines on fire in […]

ACTUV Tactics: submarine game designed to help the navy
In an attempt to improve simulation software used to help track enemy submarines, the US government has now turned to enlist the help of gamers all over the world. Together with Sonalysts Combat Simulations, DARPA has come up with a game called ACTUV Tactics: a simulator that puts players in charge of outsmarting an enemy submarine commander to prevent him from escaping. What sets this game apart from other games […]

Fast-Tint Protective Eyewear for the Navy
It goes without saying that special forces people tend to get the latest and greatest toys to “play” around with in their line of work, and some of these are pretty top secret stuff, to. One of the latest gadgets employed would be liquid crystal ballistic sunglasses that are smart enough to change color automatically a whole lot faster compared to traditional “photochromic” offerings, and it can even do so […]

Navy's Mach 7 gun has 100 mile range
Guns don’t kill people, it is people with guns who do. Well, the Navy certainly subscribes to the adage that bigger is better, and their latest weapon which is currently undergoing testing is capable of shooting bullets at speeds of up to Mac 7 – that’s seven times the speed of sound, and it certainly makes today’s railgun a Nerf issue pistol in comparison. After all, the railgun is accurate […]