The swordfish is a mighty underwater creature that is magnificent to look at, and just to get an idea on the kind of piercing power it has, read on. Alvin, a US Navy deep sea submarine has an illustrious history, having carried crew through the extreme conditions of deep sea exploration, surveying the ill fated Titanic, and even checking out a hydrothermal vent, which is a pretty impressive list of achievements for something that was constructed all the way in 1967. However, what it could not do was to shrug off a swordfish attack, barely surviving one – as you can see above for yourself. It seemed that Alvin was attacked by a swordfish at a depth of around 2,000 feet, and this occurred during dive number 202, with the Bahamas being the stage for such a bizarre incident. According to the pilots, they heard a loud, metallic noise, having experienced the entire submarine shaking while the swordfish rammed its sharp point into the hull. Unfortunately, the crew of Alvin had swordfish for dinner, once again espousing the natural law of survival of the fittest.

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