There appears to be a growing trend in Hollywood of turning movies into TV shows, not too long ago CBS announced that it will be producing a show titled Limitless based on the Bradley Cooper-starring movie of the same name. NBC has had the same idea, according to reports the network is turning Taken into a TV series. The franchise stars Liam Neeson in all three films as a former CIA agent with a “particular set of skills” who puts them to use to save his family, but the TV series is going to a be a bit different.

For starters don’t expect A-lister Liam Neeson to work in television, despite the fact that the series will be executive produced by the co-writer of the films Luc Besson, Neeson won’t be playing Bryan Mills in the TV show.

That’s because the show will deal with events before Mills acquires his “particular set of skills.” A younger actor will be cast who will portray the CIA agent during his formative years at the agency, the character will obviously not have a wife and kid in the TV series, who are instrumental in the movie franchise.

Call it a prequel if you will, we’ll wait and see if it lives up to expectations.

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