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Netgear Orbi Outdoor Satellite Extends WiFi Reach
[CES 2108] Netgear has just announced that it will feature the new Orbi Outdoor Satellite at CES 2018. As you can guess by its name, this is a product designed to be located outdoors, and it extends the home WiFi network to up to 2,500 square feet, says Netgear.

Netgear Recalls Arlo Outdoor Camera Power Adapters Due To Fire Hazard
Netgear has a series of outdoor cameras for home security purposes, like the Arlo, Arlo Pro, and the Arlo Go. Unfortunately it seems that the power adapter that is used for these cameras is having issue, so much so that the company has issued a recall for them over the potential of a fire hazard.

Netgear Announces Arlo Outdoor Smart Home Security Light
When it comes to smart home security systems, there are many options to choose from. This ranges from smart home security cameras, motion sensors, doorbells, alarm systems, and more, and Netgear has recently announced a new addition to the already-growing list in the form of a smart home security light for outdoors.

Netgear Launches Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Camera
Netgear’s Arlo Pro wireless camera was well received last year so the company is now launching a successor. Netgear announced the launch of the Arlo Pro 2 today, and like its predecessor, it’s also wireless. However, it’s slightly more expensive than the Arlo Pro was as the resolution has been increased to 1080p. There are some other new features as well.


Netgear Vulnerability Lets Hackers Commandeer Routers
A new vulnerability has been found in Netgear routers which can potentially allow hackers to commandeer your routers. This vulnerability is said to affect more than a dozen Netgear routers and thus potentially affects thousands of units in homes and businesses across the globe. The vulnerability has been disclosed by a cybersecurity firm called Trustwave.

Telstra Launches World’s First Gigabit-Class LTE Network (Australia)
Telstra, the largest Australian wireless carrier, has announced that its Gigabit-class (~1000Mbps) LTE network is now operational. Telstra was aiming to have it ready by the end of 2016, so with a small delay, things are now up and running.

Arlo Baby Monitor Launched at CES
When the popularity of home wireless networks and the quality of the new-generation of internet cameras collide, one specific market is on the rise: the baby-cams. Netgear has understood this rather well, and has worked on an evolution of its Arlo home surveillance camera, making it a very potent baby monitor.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 Is The 'World's Fastest Router'
Netgear today announced what it claims to be the “world’s fastest router.” The company says that the Nighthawk X10 is perfect for those who are looking for robust performance when streaming media, playing online games, and backing up big files over the internet. The Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart Wi-Fi Router as it’s called is the latest addition to the Nighthawk brand that Netgear launched around three years back.

Arlo Security Camera Review
As homes are getting smarter and more connected so have the number of cloud-connected home-surveillance webcam offerings on the market. Until recently, customers had to choose between cheap hardware and awful user interface or expensive hardware and better interface. Admittedly, there were also some awful-everything.Arlo is a refreshing take on a market currently dominated by products like Dropcam Pro, which has been acquired by Nest, which was acquired by Google… […]

Netgear Launches 450MbpsCat 9 LTE Advanced Mobile Hotspot
Mobile hotspots are great if you’re traveling a lot and need to connect multiple devices at once, or if you’d rather not use your mobile phone as a mobile hotspot since this could end up draining your phone’s battery a lot quicker than you would like. The good news is that if you’re after such a device with fast connectivity, Netgear has recently announced their latest AirCard mobile hotspot.This was […]

Netgear AC750 WIFI Range Extender Tells Optimal Position
[CES 2014] Netgear’s AC750 WiFi extender is the new addition to the growing line of WiFi AC offering from the company, and it comes with a twist: with a simple LED light system, the AC750 can tell the user where the optimum position is in the order to get the best ratio between range/distance and signal quality. It seems to do this by running a simple analysis of signal strength […]

Netgear Trek N300 Travel Router
[CES 2014] The Trek N300 is another travel router that looks pretty interesting: first of all, it can share public WiFi HotSpots to all your devices, so that may beat your older travel router, but it also has a flip-out antenna that supposedly makes the reception better. It’s impossible to tell without running some tests in the real world, but I just think that it looks cool.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 716 Gets Xeon 3.2GHz CPU and 16GB of RAM
NETGEAR has just announced the ReadyNAS 716, a powerful Network Attached Storage (NAS) system for business usage that NETGEAR says is powerful enough to serve 150 concurrent 1080p video streams… if your network can support it. To achieve this level of performance, NETGEAR has tapped into a powerful Xeon (Ivy Bridge) E3-1225v2 quad-core CPU from Intel which runs at 3.2GHz and is couple with 16GB of RAM (ECC memory). More […]

Netgear Launches VueZone Wire-Free Night Vision Camera For Home Monitoring
[CES 2013] [CES 2013] What good is a home monitoring system if when at night, the camera is unable to pick up on what’s going on? For those who are really particular about security and the safety of their home and family, Netgear has launched the VueZone night vision camera which the company is boasting to be the industry’s only completely wire-free night vision camera system.