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Facebook News Feed Will Now Downrank Sensational Health Claims
Facebook keeps tweaking the News Feed to ensure that the billions of people who use the social network only see the content that they’re most interested in. The latest tweak has to do with sensational health claims which one can often come across on Facebook. The company says that News Feed will now begin to downrank health content that’s misleading or sensational.

Facebook News Feed Will Downrank Sites With Stolen Content
Facebook regularly makes changes to the News Feed so that it only surfaces content that’s relevant to the user and what they’re interested in seeing. It also makes changes to ensure that low-quality content and spam doesn’t surface in News Feed. The company has now said that News Feed will automatically downrank posts from sites that have stolen content.

You Can Now Snooze Keywords On Facebook
Facebook today announced a new way to control your News Feed. Are you tired of reading spoilers from your favorite show in your News Feed? This feature will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind by allowing you to snooze certain keywords for a limited time. Keyword Snooze is a new feature that Facebook is now beginning to test with select.

Facebook News Feed Messages Bring A New Way To Share Moments
Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is used by more than a billion people across the globe to share moments with their friends and family. The News Feed is integral to the entire Facebook experience as it’s the place where all of the action takes place. The social network is now providing users with a new way to share moments using News Feed. Think of them as Facebook’s take on […]


Facebook Tweaking News Feed To Bring You Useful News
The News Feed is integral to the Facebook experience. It’s the first thing you see when you open the social network and it’s where the majority of your interactions with friends and pages take place. The company regularly tweaks News Feed to improve its performance and to serve up content that’s relevant to each individual user. Facebook said today that it’s tweaking News Feed once again, this time the focus […]

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Further Clamp Down On Clickbait
For years, Facebook Pages have been used as a means of clickbaiting people into clicking through to websites that provide low quality content, but the strategy worked for those who were looking to generate easy traffic. Facebook regularly clamps down on clickbait and has been particularly active against Pages that just share memes and now it’s clamping down on all of that even more.

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Show More Posts From Friends And Family
Do you ever wish to see more posts from your friends and family in your News Feed as opposed to a barrage of posts from the various Pages that you’ve liked on Facebook? The world’s largest social network has received similar concerns from other users so it has decided to tweak News Feed once again, Newsfeed is now going to show more posts from your friends and family as opposed […]

New Facebook Feature Is All About Discovering And Sharing Music
News Feed is the place to be on Facebook, this one destination provides you with updates of whatever is happening in the lives of your contacts, updates you about the Pages and groups you’re following and even brings in articles from some of the most prestigious publications. Now it’s going to make it easier for you to discover and share great music as well, all thanks to a new feature […]

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Balance Content From Pages And Your Friends
Facebook often tweaks News Feed to ensure that users get the best possible experience when they’re spending time on the world’s biggest social network and today it has done just that. The company looked at all the feedback it had received from users who rated their personal News Feed to tell Facebook how it could further improve it. As a result of all that feedback, Facebook is making three changes to […]

Facebook Makes Improvements To Reduce News Feed Spam
Facebook today announced a series of improvements that aim to make News Feed experience better for the social network’s one billion-plus users. The improvements clamp down on Pages that “deliberately try and game News Feed,” one doesn’t have to venture very far to get an example, most of the Pages sharing viral content or memes on Facebook often try to increase their reach using methods that are frowned upon. The […]

Redesigned Facebook News Feed Might Not Be Released For Everyone
Back in March Facebook summoned media outfits to its offices to show off its redesigned News Feed, which is without a doubt one of the most critical elements of the world’s largest social network. Much of the user’s time is spent on the News Feed, where they catch up with their friends’ activities, see posts from pages and groups as well as see advertisements. For a redesigned version to work the […]

Facebook News Feed Changes Put Focus On Content Source's Quality
Facebook recently announced some changes to its News Feed, it says that these changes are being made to show more relevant content to users in their News Feed. The company said that it would analyze a wide variety of factors to determine which content to show and what to hide. This has got a lot of publishers worried, who don’t know exactly what factors can brand their content high or […]