Facebook keeps tweaking the News Feed to ensure that the billions of people who use the social network only see the content that they’re most interested in. The latest tweak has to do with sensational health claims which one can often come across on Facebook. The company says that News Feed will now begin to downrank health content that’s misleading or sensational.


Facebook made two ranking updates last month to reduce the number of posts with exaggerated or sensational health claims as well as posts that try to sell products or services that are based on health-related claims.

The company says that it considers if a post about health is exaggerating or misleading if, for example, it makes a sensational claim about a miracle cure. The second update impacts posts that promote a product or service which is based on a health-claim, such as a medicine or pill that claims to help people lose weight.

So what that means for you, the user, is that there should be less content with such claims in your News Feed now. It also means that you’re likely to see fewer posts about miracle weight loss pills or herbal teas that help you shed the pounds quickly. I’m sure a lot of people won’t mind that one bit.

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