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The Independent Newspaper Calls It A Day, Print-Wise
Running a business is no easy task, otherwise just about everyone would have done so already. It takes plenty of skill to guide a company through turbulent times and choppy waters, and it seems that The Independent will call it a day where print production is concerned, resulting with a minimum of 75 journalists being made redundant in the process. That is three decades’ worth of print legacy ending, and […]

T-Mobile Responds To AT&T Attack Ads
If you weren’t around Friday afternoon, you may have missed a recently published newspaper advertisement where AT&T bashes T-Mobile. The ad says, “The truth about T-Mobile’s network compared to AT&T. 2x more dropped calls, 2x more failed calls, 50% slower download speeds.”It’s only been five days since that ad was published across a number of big-name newspapers and T-Mobile has just launched its own newspaper ad campaign where they fling the […]

AT&T Attacks T-Mobile In Newspaper Ad
Gather round, kids, and let me tell you about the days when AT&T and T-Mobile were extremely close to merging. It was back in 2011. Barack Obama was President and 4G LTE service was in its infancy in the U.S.Ultimately, AT&T decided it didn’t want to buy T-Mobile anymore, to which T-Mobile responded with an ad that attacked AT&T. We guess AT&T held a grudge for several months as today, we’re hearing […]

New York Times now offers in-app subscriptions for the iPad
It looks Apple is winning the war against publishers who don’t agree with Apple’s policy of giving the company 30% of every in-app sale it makes. The New York Times, one of the companies that held out against Apple’s strict policy has made a last minute change to its app to prevent its removal from the App Store.The New York Times was issued a warning by the Cupertino company to […]


The Daily app updated
Apple has just launched a new update for The Daily app and improves the overall performance of the app. It brings much needed improved stability and speed enhancements to the iPad exclusive daily newspaper, and this is what The Daily should have been at launch.Apparently the first release of the app was pretty buggy and didn’t give users an accurate representation of what The Daily should be like.To update your […]

Read The Daily for free
Apple and News Corp’s iPad-exclusive paper, The Daily just launched yesterday has an interesting feature that you probably don’t know about – subscribers and non-subscribers can view the web-based version of all its articles for free. The only problem is that Apple doesn’t provide users with a convenient way to access them. Andy Baio, a journalist/programmer decided to solve this problem – by creating a Tumblr account where he posts […]

The Daily iPad newspaper delayed for several weeks
While many folks were happy to hear rumors that Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper – The Daily, would be launched on January 19th, some bad news has surfaced. According to reports, the newspaper has been pushed back in order to help Apple prepare its iTunes subscription plans. The app itself is said to be good to go and has already been in a dry run phase where editors write only for […]

Volkswagen delivers audio surprise to newspaper readers in India
If you happen to be an avid reader of The Times of India, then chances are you would have been surprised with a fully voiced, audio ad from Volkswagen the moment you unfold the publication. This is a totally different idea when it comes to newspaper as, and we think that the readership will be split as to whether they would like to see similar ads in the future or […]

WePad Details and Plans Revealed
We’ve talked about a few technical details of the WePad before, but now we have all the specifications, along with a table (partially in German) that compares it with the iPad (click on the title to head to the full post). This Android-powered tablet will have access to the Android Market Place, but also to a WePad AppStore. The WePad has been built to consume digital newspaper and magazine and, […]