nexus-primeOctober is soon approaching, and with news of Ice Cream Sandwich being released on that month, people are expecting the release of a new flagship Android phone as well. And this time around, the phone in question is the Samsung Nexus Prime. Details about the phone have been leaked quite a number of times in the past, but nothing concrete or official has been announced yet.

A Twitter user known for his accurate predictions: @black_man_x AKA “The Panda King” and his friend, @tflemming223 (Tom Flemming) have been releasing some cryptic poems that contain details to the upcoming Nexus Prime phone. While I haven’t taken a stab at deciphering the poems myself, the folks over at Phandroid have attempted it and this is what they’ve come up with so far:

The Nexus Prime is said to be arriving in GSM and CDMA varieties (possibly on all carriers), and will be available as a touchscreen-only version and a keyboard-toting version as well. The device might be named the Galaxy Nexus, while the Verizon version could be called the Droid Prime or Droid Charge 2, and it is rumored to launch in early November. There’s no way to tell if what is written in the poem is the truth, but given @black_man_x’s history there’s likely to be some truth in what he says. Either, stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

While things that go bump in the night, surely give you a fright,
It’s all in good fun as I share treats and panda fun.
So Instead of filling your belly with candies, jellies and other hollows eve fare,
Perhaps your palate will cast a ballot, for an ice cream sandwich instead.
With an internal date now set and LTE a sure bet,
Those that get Tim Cook’s new pet will be filled with green eyed regret.
But wait you cry for what date can you buy?
This the panda did shall share
Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die;
you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black.
But those who pay other masters don’t fret,
over exclusive deals and bets
For in many other favors you will get your treat
be they GSM or wimax radios inside, the nexus brand will ride world wide
But as he lays in the corner with a Beer and a boner the Panda said with a sigh
Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy,
With dual cores “hd” screens, fancy new widgets and more
The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy

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